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A Robertson Family Christmas

by Miss Kay Robertson w/Travis Thrasher You have all heard of them. If you haven’t seen the show, Duck Dynasty, you have certainly seen their take over of Superstore shelves everywhere!! There isn’t a product that is safe from the Duck Commander logo (:… Continue Reading “A Robertson Family Christmas”

The Miracle of the Kurds

“A Remarkable Story of Hope Reborn in Northern Iraq” by Stephen Mansfield We’ve all seen the images and heard of the tragic chemical bombings. In this eye opening book, the stories behind those pictures and news reports are explored. We see the spirit of… Continue Reading “The Miracle of the Kurds”

The Covered Deep

by Brandy Vallance How often does an author write their debut novel with such well deserved fanfare? Not often! Brandy Vallance explodes onto the the Christian Fiction scene with The Covered Deep. (Are you still stuck on the fact that I used the word… Continue Reading “The Covered Deep”

The CEB Study Bible

The Common English Bible is the newest in a line of “easy to understand” Bibles. It seems like the language is pretty straight forward and there are a decent amount of study notes. However, I did find the layout quite confusing. This is a… Continue Reading “The CEB Study Bible”