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  • Finding Freedom

    Finding Freedom

    Hey, guys! I want to give you an update on my exciting projects. As most of you know, I have been working as a playwright and enjoying every moment of it! It’s been such an answer to prayer as I am able to still do this when I am not feeling well. A year ago, […]

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  • The Mistress of Tall Acre

    The Mistress of Tall Acre

    by Laura Frantz Mercy Me. Another epic win for Laura Frantz. Is anyone surprised? I know I’m not!! Seamus Ogilvy is a heralded war hero as a general in the Revolutionary War. Once it is over, he comes back to a broken home. His wife has died and his daughter is being cared for by […]

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  • The Creole Princess

    The Creole Princess

    by Beth White First of all, BEAUTIFUL COVER!!! That’s a huge part of my review right there!!! Simply gorgeous! Secondly, this is a fun book centering around the Revolutionary War. You had me at … Well, both of those things!!! I’ll admit, the beginning was a bit confusing with all the names getting thrown at […]

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  • Face-Off with Beth White

    Face-Off with Beth White

    Beth’s new book, The Creole Princess, releases TODAY, April 7th. Isn’t that such a beautiful cover??!! I love it! It takes place in 1776 down in Mobile, Alabama!! I think that’s pretty cool because my brother-in-law, and his wonderful family, is from there! Review to follow later today. For now, WE PLAY!! I look like […]

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  • Patriots, Redcoats & Spies — by Robert J. Skead w/Robert A. Skead

    Part of the American Revolutionary War Adventures Series, this young adult book focuses on twin boys needing to deliver a message to George Washington. Their father was shot and it is up to John and Ambrose to get the job done. This is a great book to get kids interested in history. It also includes […]

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