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  • That’s How We Roll

    That’s How We Roll

    by Anna Weaver Hurt What. An. Exciting. Read!!! Anna Weaver Hurtt writes a memoir about life on the road with her family band, The Weaver Believers!! Living in a RV with a family of 9 has it’s interesting stories and she’s here to share them! All I can say is, “One Bathroom”. That’s it. Nine People.…

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  • Face-Off with Anna Weaver!!

    Face-Off with Anna Weaver!!

    Anna is a super fun author that traveled the world living in an RV with her FAMILY OF 9!!! Can’t wait for you to see what she has to say about that. Review later today!! Link is in the pic, so check it out!!! But for now, WE PLAY!!! The rules are simple. I ask…

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