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Just a quick note to let you know that a Laura Frantz book is SUPER CHEAP right now! You don’t want to miss this!!

And if you haven’t read anything by her, you have not lived…Head over to Amazon and pick up this book!

Also, if you would like to see our fun Face-Off, you can check it out here:

Laura Frantz

How about a little Rachel Hauck this weekend?

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Here at aTransParentMom, we LOVE Rachel Hauck!!szcmi6enim0bd5lkfg-nvxedixt1ywbwiu-6n2p6xfu0ustjx4rouuz3kvdur3kxjux113ywt93okycjcvr-snfoab9coumvj3tvyng7kz3je_exigxiw50fimigysyw1bjr4vy425diqmpndfmpp4pphojweuhbwfeaf1tvsypfvploi8ljtotuip We had so much fun when she stopped by for a Face-Off last year. She’s a girl after my own heart (ie: she loves football!) Click on the pic to check out all the fun! —->

Right now, you can pick up her current USA Today Bestselling Novel, The Wedding Dress, for only $1.99!!!!

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Now, I know that’s insanely exciting news, but you don’t have to stop there! She has a few more great deals going on right now:

$1.99 ❤ ❤ ❤ .99¢

❤ $3.99 ❤


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How about some more DIRT CHEAP books?!

I know, I know. You are VERY WELCOME! I love a good deal, and I am CERTAIN that you do as well!! So, as I troll around looking for some great books, I think of you, my dear readers, and share my finds with you!

So, here’s today’s list!! From FREE to $4.99!! Enjoy (:

So True a Love (Daughters of His Kingdom Book 2)   So Fair a Lady (Daughters of His Kingdom Book 1)  Tears of the Sea

   So True a Love                 So Fair a Lady               Tears of the Sea

The Healer's Apprentice (Fairy Tale Romance Series)  The Princess Spy (Fairy Tale Romance Series)  The Butterfly and the Violin (A Hidden Masterpiece Novel Book 1)

The Healer’s Apprentice    The Princess Spy    The Butterfly and the Violin

Lizzy & Jane  Lonestar Sanctuary (Lonestar Series Book 1)  Tidewater Inn (The Hope Beach Series Book 1)

Lizzy & Jane                    Lonestar Sanctuary            Tidewater Inn
Maggie's Mistake  Silent Night: A Rock Harbor Christmas Novella (Rock Harbor Series Book 6)  Storm Warning

Maggie’s Mistake            Silent Night (Novella)          Storm Warning

From Russia With Love  The Lightkeeper's Daughter (A Mercy Falls Novel Book 1)  Love Ahoy

From Russia With Love  The Lightkeeper’s Daughter     Love Ahoy

Plains of Promise (Wyoming Series Book 2)  To Love a Stranger (Wyoming Series Book 4)  Where Leads the Heart (Wyoming Series Book 1)

Plains of Promise              To Love a Stranger       Where Leads the Heart

The Heart Answers (Wyoming Series Book 3)  Set Sail My Heart  Bluebonnet Bride: A Butterfly Palace Short Story

The Heart Answers            Set Sail My Heart           Bluebonnet Bride

Belinda  The Wedding Quilt Bride  Love's Far Country

        Belinda                  The Wedding Quilt Bride       Love’s Far Country

Love, Suite Love  A Match Made in Heaven  Holy Night: An Aloha Reef Christmas Novella (Aloha Reef Series)

Love, Suite Love         A Match Made in Heaven      Holy Night Novella

Heart Full of Love  A Home in the West (The Amish of Apple Grove)  Outlaw's Bride (The Western Sky Series Book 1)

   Heart Full of Love         A Home in the West           Outlaw’s Bride

A Bride for Noah (Seattle Brides Book 1)  Rainy Day Dreams (Seattle Brides Book 2)  The One Who Waits for Me

   A Bride for Noah          Rainy Day Dreams    The One Who Waits for Me

Hurry! Grab it while it’s hot!!

You want to talk about a GREAT deal? One of my favorite authors, MaryLu Tyndall, has got some INSANE prices going on right now.


Surrender the Dawn (Surrender to Destiny Book 3)  Surrender the Heart (Surrender to Destiny Book 1)  Surrender the Night (Surrender to Destiny Book 2)  Veil of Pearls Central Park Rendezvous (Romancing America)

Her latest series is also at a GREAT price. Each of these are $7.99.

Forsaken Dreams (Escape to Paradise Book 1)  Elusive Hope: Escape to Paradise (Book 2)  Abandoned Memories (Escape to Paradise Book 3)

Believe me. You will NOT be able to set these books down once you start reading. She is such a talented writer and keeps you calling your husband to pick up some fast food so you don’t have to stop reading to make dinner!!!!

Pretend I didn’t say that.

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