The Last Heiress

by Mary Ellis


This is the first book I have read by Mary Ellis and I was enraptured throughout. Amanda Dunn travels from her homeland of England to North Carolina during America’s final days of the Civil War. She is sent to procure more cotton for their factories. Because of the war, nothing was being shipped and her father’s company was losing money.

The characters are very likeable, the history is fascinating and the storyline will keep you reading through the night. I did feel like in the last third of the book, some of the main characters changed. It seemed like they acted completely out of character and the book changed it’s course quite unexpectedly. It was still interesting and still held my attention, I just felt like it was very odd and didn’t make a lot of sense. I also felt as if the characters had no relationship with God. Surprisingly, that it never changed throughout.

I do recommend the book and hope you will pick up a copy! The link is in the picture above.

Thanks, netgalley, for the another awesome read! As always, I have given my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

Spy of Richmond

by Jocelyn Green


History buffs: TAKE NOTICE!

Wow. If every fictional novel had this much history in it, we wouldn’t need school! Jocelyn does an incredible job of intertwining fictional and real characters in this story about the last years of the Confederacy.

Sophia Kent is living in Richmond, the Capitol of the Confederacy. Her father is a rebel soldier and she cannot bring herself to agree with the ideas of southern slavery. Joining a spy ring (based on the real deal), she leads a double life: charming the rebels and sharing important information with the North. It is a dangerous journey and she must decide if faith and listening to her heart are worth the risks.

Wonderful book. It is fourth in the series: Heroines Behind the Lines. To get any of these books, just CLICK HERE.

Thank so much, netgalley, for giving me this book! As always, I’ve given my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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