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  • A Place for Miss Snow

    A Place for Miss Snow

    by Jennifer Moore Jennifer Moore is always an author I look forward to reading. She always finds a new and interesting historical slant to write her Regency based books. Miss Snow is an extremely proper chaperone that falls for an undercover spy. The setting is beautiful Greece and much intrigue abounds. Her characters are always […]

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  • The Creole Princess

    The Creole Princess

    by Beth White First of all, BEAUTIFUL COVER!!! That’s a huge part of my review right there!!! Simply gorgeous! Secondly, this is a fun book centering around the Revolutionary War. You had me at … Well, both of those things!!! I’ll admit, the beginning was a bit confusing with all the names getting thrown at […]

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  • Patriots, Redcoats & Spies — by Robert J. Skead w/Robert A. Skead

    Part of the American Revolutionary War Adventures Series, this young adult book focuses on twin boys needing to deliver a message to George Washington. Their father was shot and it is up to John and Ambrose to get the job done. This is a great book to get kids interested in history. It also includes […]

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