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  • Dare To Answer – 8 Questions That Awaken your Faith

    Dare To Answer – 8 Questions That Awaken your Faith

    by John Busacker In his latest book, John tackles some of the questions that Jesus asked while He was here on earth. Jesus was often responding to questions with a question of His own. He liked to make us actually think for ourselves…When John the Baptist’s disciples pointed Him out, Jesus replied saying, “What do […]

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  • Answering Your Kids’ Toughest Questions

    by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson Since September, I have been teaching a class on Tough Questions with some youth. I thought I would check out this book and see what it had to say on some of the hard things we talk to our kiddos about. I really love that they are clear from […]

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  • God is love?

    I teach a high school/college/graduate student Bible study about Tough Questions. The most often asked questions is… Well, what’s your guess? If you guessed: “How can a loving God send someone to Hell?” you were right! I find that I can’t even comprehend the question. I mean, I totally don’t get it. It’s so backwards […]

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