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Train up a child

We’ve all read the verse. Easy-peasy, right? Then I became a mom. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, (or 36 hours of labor…I mean, whichever you want to go with…) every bit of know-how seemed to vanish. Why is he crying all the… Continue Reading “Train up a child”

Never Say No – raising big-picture kids

by Mark and Jan Foreman  Such a great book on a topic that I am extremely passionate about (thus the name of my blog!!). Mark and Jan are the parents of Tim and Jon Foreman…You know, from a little band called Switchfoot? In this… Continue Reading “Never Say No – raising big-picture kids”

Jesus > Religion

by Jeff Bathke Youtube sensation overnight. Skeptical. Watched the video. Won over. I have heard much about Jeff Bethke and his “poem” on youtube. I finally got around to checking it out and I was so impressed. I thought that it was awesome to… Continue Reading “Jesus > Religion”