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  • Chivalrous


    by Dina Sleiman Dina has knocked it out of the park again! Following Allen’s heartbreak, in book one of the Valiant Hearts series, he decides to strike out on his own. Recently being knighted and wanting to make a good impression, he signs up to joust in the upcoming festival of Edendale. Gwendolyn is all…

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  • Face-Off with Jessica Keller!!

    Face-Off with Jessica Keller!!

    Jessica is in the HOUSE today!! She is an award winning author and popular speaker that writes Young Adult fiction and Inspirational Romance. A taste of those awards? Winner of the 2011 Golden Pen Winner of the 2011 Where the Magic Begins Winner of the 2011-12 Rattler Writing Contest (Contemporary Category) Winner of the 2011-12 Rattler…

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  • Fairy Tale Romance Collection — by Melanie Dickerson

    Fairy Tale Romance Collection — by Melanie Dickerson

    Melanie Dickerson knew what she was doing when she started writing YA novels. All girls, whether 3 years old or 90 years old, want to be a princess!! In retelling these fairy tales, she has won over the hearts of many! In this collection, we have Melanie first book. The story of “Sleeping Beauty” is…

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