Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I am super excited to have you here 🙂IMG_6536

I am Charity and that’s my fam…. That expression on me? Not abnormal.

If you are new, let me tell you a bit about what happens around here. I love reading books. I also love Facing-Off with awesome authors. You’ll find a bit of both. Most importantly? I love JESUS!

If you would like to find out a little more about me and my backstory, just head on over here 🙂

Laura Frantz You may find the lovely Laura Frantz lurking around somewhere.

Or, perhaps you might relate more to Chad Gibbs Y-F9bhv0HTJKMPUpXnP0gAGHtFXLZxGCva5eJKbXx49D0CEBebF-ThrC9WxYJanXxo7UBtAVMTJhBD-5U-VmtLxtuBjAodYKUpI45yok1qgb8keMGmG9aCs9U_i4ILWXZxS_VnUf99QaTJSpsksVSraETB0MLc_QH_LHhQV2tpROqDDB0Yemq7E04vfEwKJqfRnsRALR4vNhaJjzTyr1P9G0et3d3PcLWand his major phobias?

Sometimes your just in the mood for a little Tosca Lee y3nisr98exvk0envrgpn1biev2l0tea7_jpjxylmyai2bchzu5wdvwtlfo4qzlvouwa-ewecvoncnmqmx3nufnjdqhklbtg3cqt92intdeyfc6wmcdhvpm3s53clddx_7nnzo5mrpsie8d86j-l0jv8yvapunt4hll8bnwkbz1fqqdyj3az5ywgb2j

Whomever you wish to see, that is who I aim to find!

So, check out my fun Author Face-Offs and let me know if I haven’t highlighted your favorite one. You can also let them know that you would like to see them here.

bookreviews As far as book reviews go, a lot of people wonder what my current rating system is.

If you would like to find out more about that, I have a post that explains what I am looking for.

You can send me book review requests at: aTransParentMom@gmail.com

Another huge plus you will find here? FREE BOOKS AND GIVEAWAYS!!!

I absolutely love doing HUGE prize packs giveaways! 11751965_1475253002772940_4531720532212450777_nMake sure to check back frequently to see what may be waiting for you!!!! I also do flash giveaways on my Facebook page.YO91Otbh_jIHRu-HIqU_PKrj-N8ixLTEIJagedGc7jv858PhZBpTTmqrxEiF1Is_CNkVTuJZ7Buq7OLr84yM8Y330D0seJqbG3R95ER2d7iinsJJFzt7VJFvsyLvXMkCmx0ywjRvIQ--MrdUPPkxq8crMdT7G-XW_66a7iMDBvaurryb82Xhagb0eUJx7G9cuJwNjP7eGCXF21gBpgrNJA_Khyp9ENJiT

Thanks for checking things out! I would love to get to know you. Please shoot me an email at: aTransParentMom@gmail.com with any prayer requests or just introducing yourself!!

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