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Abandoned Memories Trilogy ONLY $3.82

You Guys. This is INSANE. I almost passed out when I saw this. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE TRILOGIES is only $3.82 FOR ALL THREE BOOKS!!! (Link is in the pic on the left) That means, you get all three of these powerful,… Continue Reading “Abandoned Memories Trilogy ONLY $3.82”

UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!!! You. Need. This. Book!

Every Person Should Pick Up A Copy Of This Book!!! It’s currently $1.99!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may remember me SINGING the praises of this book a few months back in a review I wrote. Please check it out!! It is such an important read!!!

Pre-Order for $4.99!!

Melanie Dickerson’s new novel will be releasing on May 12th. However, you can pre-order RIGHT NOW for only $4.99!!! That is an insane steal. Believe me, once it’s released, the price will go way up! So, don’t miss your chance to get this at… Continue Reading “Pre-Order for $4.99!!”

Guess what!!????? $2.99! That’s what!

Exciting news!!! Pepper Basham’s novel, The Thorn Bearer, has been released early (Only the e-book)!!! This is one of the most important and well written books I’ve read! You can check out my  review HERE! It’s an incredible story of healing (openly dealing with… Continue Reading “Guess what!!????? $2.99! That’s what!”


.99¢Sale – Just a FEW of the amazing books for this deal: $1.99Sale – Just a FEW of the amazing books available: $2.99Sale – Just a FEW of the amazing bargains in store:


The Governess of Highland Hall This highly rated book is only $1.99!! Snatch it up while you can!! The Amazon link is in the pic. It has 4 and a half stars out of 5. Don’t miss this one! Glamorous Illusions This book is… Continue Reading “Cheepies!!”

Some Steals and Deals. Ya know, CHEAPIES!!!

<— Pre-order for $4.97!! Print edition will be $19.99   Links are in the pics. All books less than $5 (average $1.99). Craziest part is that the book sets are .99¢