The CEB Study Bible


The Common English Bible is the newest in a line of “easy to understand” Bibles. It seems like the language is pretty straight forward and there are a decent amount of study notes. However, I did find the layout quite confusing.

This is a quote from the introduction:
“The CEB Study Bible was specifically designed to help the reader gain new insight, benefit from the wisdom of others, and embrace a new season of transformation. It sets the stage for new discoveries and causes the reader to experience the power of scripture in fresh ways. In short, The CEB Study Bible is a readable, reliable, and relevant invitation to grow in God.”

I would guess that it may lead to a bit of confusion as there won’t be many pastors preaching from this version. It would probably suit someone at home with their personal devotions. Again, the layout was a bit tricky for me. (It is very possible that it was the kindle, pre-release version that wasn’t clearly laid out).

Thanks, for providing me a copy to review! Here’s to many more!!

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