MIller_185x305_1392828882Wow! I am so thankful that Judith Miller took time away from writing her 1millionth (not quite…but close enough) novel to chat with me. What a sweetheart. Not only did she answer my questions, but truly spoke from her heart.

– “Could you tell me either a bit of your testimony, or something really amazing God has done to show you his love?”

“God has shown his love to me in so many ways that it’s difficult to choose just one, but here goes: The Lord sent me an amazing husband who was the most supportive man a wife could ever hope for—he was complimentary about everything I attempted—whether it was making a craft, teaching our children, or endeavoring to write my books. He always made time for me, helped me in any way possible, applauded my successes, and encouraged me when I met with defeat. Jim went home to be with the Lord four years ago, but I will forever be grateful God for the years we had together.”

– “How did you know so much about the process of brickmaking in the 1800’s?”

“I visited a number of old brickyard sites in West Virginia, but to learn about the actual process, I purchased and studied several books that were written in the 19th century that set out the various processes used in brickmaking. One of the things I particularly enjoy about writing historical fiction is learning new things. With this book, I learned a great deal about brickmaking and also visited a house known as Adaland in West Virginia that I used as a prototype for Woodfield Manor.


It is located near where my sister lives in West Virginia. The couple in wedding photograph were the great-great aunt and uncle of my niece and were the first couple to be married in Adaland, where he was the caretaker.

Wedding Picture Adaland

– “Which of your books do you love the most/connect with the most/or recommend the most?”

“That’s almost like saying which one of your children do you love the most. I have truly enjoyed writing the six books I set in the Amana Colonies, but now that I’ve moved on to West Virginia, I’m enormously enjoying them. Generally, I recommend the last book I’ve written since it’s the one that has been closest to my heart, but when I’m doing book signings in the Amana Colonies, I recommend Somewhere to Belong and A Shining Light. Those are the first and last books set in the Colonies. The two series set in Amana are independent series so they can be read in any order.”

– “What message is most important for you to get across in your books?”

“I always think I’m going to have a different spiritual theme, but all of my books contain a spiritual thread that deals with trusting the Lord in all circumstances. That theme probably shines through because it’s an area that’s difficult for me. I strive to depend upon the Lord, but I’m not always successful.”

Want to keep up with the happenings of Judith Miller? Check out her webpage. You can also check out Judy’s author page to see what books are available on Amazon.

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Thanks, so much, for your time and honesty. It means the world to me!!!

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