FACE-OFF with Brandy Vallance


Are you ready for an epic Face-Off between myself and author, Brandy Vallance? Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

No stodgy questions. I want to win.

1. Do you celebrate any holidays that nobody else on the planet does?

Charity: We celebrate 99 days ’til Christmas…presents, tree, music, party food and watch Elf.

Brandy: That sounds so fun! I really need to do something like that! I’m a fan of taking personal days because there are times when that just needs to happen. Every now and again, my family does this. We completely blow off the world and all responsibilities just to nourish ourselves. Our modern world is so busy and hectic that I think everyone needs a reset from time to time.

— Hands down, I win!!

Charity: 1
Brandy: 0

2. How did you know so many random facts? Emerson kept them coming!! (Ok, one stodgy question)

Charity: Ok, I consider myself a bit of a history nerd. I know some pretty random facts. However, I am going to bow out, gracefully. Read the book. You will see why…

Brandy: Stodgy questions are fun! I have a historian’s heart, so I love to do research. I’m one of those history nerds who’d rather watch a documentary than do “normal” things. I also read a lot of research books, also for fun.

— Obvious

Charity: 1
Brandy: 1

3. If you could choose any time of history to go back and visit for a day, when would it be (and where)?

Charity: Regency!! But I would have to be rich. I certainly need a servant for the chamber pots!

Brandy: I think I’d go to Bible times and see things as they unfolded. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

— She pulled the Bible card.

Charity: 1
Brandy: 2

4. Favorite movie?

Charity: Warrior.
Or anything Regency

Brandy: That’s a hard one! BBC period dramas for sure. Hmmm… I love North & South, Jane Eyre (with Toby Stephens), Wuthering Heights (with Tom Hardy), and Great Expectations (with Douglas Booth).

— You had me at “Tom Hardy”. It’s a tie.

Charity: 2
Brandy: 3

5. Are you part of any embarrassing clubs? As in, people will look at you weirdly if you walk outside in costume…

Charity: I am part of The Regency Society of Virginia. Love it. It’s a bit embarrassing to walk outside and all my neighbors are staring. Haha.

Brandy: I love embarrassing clubs! Yes, indeed. I’m a member of the Victorian Society of Colorado, although that’s not embarrassing at all. My son and I recently went to their Time Traveler’s Ball and that was great fun. And yay for the Regency Society of Virginia! I once made a Regency dress just so I could wear it while drinking tea and watching Pride & Prejudice.

— Wow! Made a dress just for watching a movie and drinking tea. How can I compete with this??

Charity: 2
Brandy: 4

6. Something amazing God has done to show you His love/mercy/grace?

Charity: Oh, man! I guess I don’t even have time to answer that one. I came to God later in life. He rescued me from some terrible decisions I had made. Protected, both, myself and my son. Gave me an amazing husband that loves God with all his heart and strives to put us all before himself. I really have the perfect life. God knows the desires of our heart and wants us to have them.

Brandy: Wow! My journey to publication has been so wrapped in His love, mercy, and grace! From the late nights of writing The Covered Deep, to winning Operation First Novel and beyond, He is so amazing! God has done so many things to let me know that he sees every detail of my life, and my book. One instance is when I traveled to England in 2011. I met a woman on the New York/London bound plane from the Portsmouth, Ohio area. That’s the hometown that I gave Bianca. Of all places to meet someone from Portsmouth! For me, that conversation over the ocean was God’s way of letting me know that He cared about my story.

— How can anyone’s story of God’s work win? It’s a tie.

Charity: 3
Brandy: 5

7. Lastly, which Yankee Candle scent? Are you a fall kind of girl? Summer?

Charity: A fall girl, for sure!! Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin. There’s no better time of year.

Brandy: Ooh, I’m a fall girl. It’s my favorite time of year! I love mulberry and apple cinnamon kinds of scents.

— Uh, I suppose it’s another tie?

Final score:

Charity: 4
Brandy: 6

Next time, I need to find a boring person!! Haha (:

Thanks, so much, www.brandyvallance.com!! I had a great time getting to know you and I really appreciate you taking out the time to do this.

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