Buttermilk Sky

by Jan Watson


Jan Watson is an author that is completely new to me. I had never read anything by her and was excited to review this book. As you know from past reviews, the front cover is a major selling point for me and this is a beautiful cover! Unfortunately, the positive attributes of this book end there.

The story has multiple main characters. It is supposed to be centered around Mazy Pelfrey and how she will decide between the two men in her life. What is it that she really wants for her future? However, the author is continually sidetracked with characters that are completely irrelevant to the story. Every little bit of scenery and every mundane activity seems to be written in great detail with many confusing side stories and details. Furthermore, there is nothing exceptionally likeable about any of the characters and the ending is quite abrupt.

The epilogue tells us who she chose. It doesn’t show how or when. It also tries to wrap up all the characters in a nice little package that has absolutely nothing to do with the storyline. Not only is it unrealistic, it is completely ridiculous. The whole epilogue completely blew my mind. I have never seen an author do this before.

Believe me, I hate to give a scathing review. Unfortunately, there was nothing I liked about this story that could redeem it.

I do thank you, Tyndale House Publishers, for giving me a copy of this book for my review. Here’s to many more!!

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