Kidnapped by the Taliban — by Dilip Joseph, MD

with James Lund

kidnapped by the taliban

Christian Medic. Taliban Kidnapping. SEAL Team VI rescue. Count me in!!

Dilip Joseph is a man that wants to serve and show others the love, mercy and peace that can be found within a relationship with God. While serving in Afghanistan, his own faith was put to the ultimate test. Being held for ransom, he strives to trust God and show his kidnappers compassion and love. Of course, we now know that he was rescued by SEAL Team VI, but not before touching the hearts of those that meant him harm.

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I was amazed at the love Dilip had for his captors and the relationships he was able to build with them. God gave him true peace through such a frightening ordeal. Christianity could change the world if we could all show Christ to those around us, no matter who they are.

I would absolutely recommend this book and, in fact, have already done so. If you would like more info on this, just click here!! You can even preview it for free here.

Thank you, BookLook Bloggers, for giving me this book for my review! Here’s to many more!!

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