The Secret of Pembrooke Park

by Julie Klassen


Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors. Her books are so fun and each one comes from a completely different perspective. She covers everything from being a maid, a governess, dance instructor, and apothecary. Both, rich and poor.

In The Secret of Pembrooke Park, Abigail’s family is offered a deal that they can’t refuse. They are to let Pembrooke Park for a very reasonable sum. Is it too good to be true? With talk of hidden rooms and treasures, this book is full of mystery and intrigue…with a bit of romance, of course (;

I felt like the last chapter was used to tie up a bunch of loose ends. Up until then, it flowed very smoothly. Suddenly, it seemed as if she needed to get this out to the publisher in time, so quickly put it together. Still, I would give it 4 stars. I really enjoyed reading it and could connect with the characters.

If you would like to check out her other books, click here!!


Thank you, netgalley and Bethany House, for giving me this book in return for feedback. Here’s to many more!!

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