Beyond all Dreams

by Elizabeth Camden


History, Intrigue, and Romance? Yes, please!

Elizabeth Camden has written another historical and fact filled novel. Yes, it is fictional, but she wraps up the fiction with plenty of history for nerds like myself!

Anna O’Brien is working in the Library of Congress in 1897. Women were just beginning to have rights and were working there on a probationary period. The book starts when the congressional library was still in the US Capitol, thus the building was shared with the congressmen. Luke Callahan is one of those said congressmen and quickly falls for Anna.

This book tackles a multitude of things. It is feeding us a lot of interesting history, but also it is about forgiveness and change. Both, Anna and Luke, have demons from their past. Their journey to trust God and not live in fear is beautiful.

Check it out! Link is in the picture, or HERE. Thanks, netgalley, for giving me another great read! Here’s to many more!!

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