My <3

il_fullxfull.368274221_8jjbYou know those days that you look as terrible you feel? When your husband gets home from work and the house is trashed, the kids are crazy and you are still in your yoga pants with your hair piled on top of your head in a messy knot? Yeah, I am sure you have seen what I am talking about in a movie or something…I wouldn’t know. Wait, that’s like…every day?! ahhh

How do I know I have an amazing man? Because he comes home and says that there’s no rush to make dinner. We can have frozen pizza and I will rub your feet and make you a smoothie while we wait.

You know those times when you spend too much money even though you really tried hard to stay in the budget? Not me…. Wait, that’s like…every day?!

How do I know I have an amazing man? Because he loves me and continues to allow me to make mistake after mistake. He surprises me with “Hey, baby! I have a $40 Amazon credit for you. Go on an internet shopping spree!!”

59f231532760f31f46e6173a7e8a481eYou know those times when everyone has gone to bed for the night and you finally have some time to yourself? Then you start feeling down and overwhelmed? Not me. Wait…that’s like…ok, You get the point.

How do I know I have an amazing man? Because he gets up and makes me tea and spends time with me. He loves me above himself. He makes breakfast for me sometimes and leaves it in the fridge for when I get up. He is always thinking of me above himself.

Girls, don’t settle for anything less. Find a man that loves God with all his heart and puts you above himself. What an incredible life you will have. Problems, of course. But I can overcome anything when I know that he wants to do the right thing. When I know that he wants to bring God glory. When I know that he loves me that much.

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