Syrie James: The Queen of Nineteenth Century Re-Imaginings

Syrie JamesSyrie James, hailed by Los Angeles Magazine as the queen of nineteenth century re-imaginings, is the bestselling author of nine critically acclaimed novels.” — Amazon Profile

I stumbled across something exciting this morning! THE QUEEN OF REGENCY! (: Some of her books include:

Jane Austen's First Love  The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen  The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte  The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen


For those of us that can never be fully satisfied with the limited number of writings penned by the late Jane Austen, we now have, within our grasp an assemblage of recent titles! Oh, how glorious!

I have read so many abhorrent replications as to trouble me exceedingly!

There is a propensity for indulging in deficiency as a substitution of the authenticity. One would rather misrepresent the great era than find legitimacy of said occasions.

Please, Syrie, I dare not trouble you, but I pray you would press on and bestow upon us innumerable writings as to satisfy one’s thirst for indulgence.

I perceive how vulgar it is for one to plead and petition another, specifically in the matter of writings. It shall label me a bluestocking, forthwith. I harbor no doubts about that.



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