Damaged Goods

by Dianna Anderson

I am going to be honest here. I have never felt more disgusted or sickened by any book I have read. Dianna writes as if God is not static, but changes with the culture. Ugh. God never changes. You cannot create a god that YOU are comfortable with and then claim that is the God of the Bible. I will repeat this statement, “You cannot create a god that YOU are comfortable with and then claim that is the God of the Bible“. Period.

Throughout this entire book Dianna is discussing how we need to do what our bodies are telling us. Only we know what’s good for our bodies. ?????? That is COMPLETELY fine if you want to believe that. It is your right. However, it is not OK to claim that is how God works. Maybe your god, but not the God of the Bible.

You can reference all of the old testament laws you want, but there are many places where God tells us that fornication is wrong. Look, I am not some innocent purist. I was a single mother (OBVIOUSLY having sex) and I was raped. I became pregnant. You, Dianna, tell us that it is ok to have an abortion if that’s what your body is telling you. YUCK! No. Absolutely no. My son is the greatest gift that could have ever come from such a monstrosity.

God gave us laws. Absolutely. He gave us rules. There is a reason for that and it is because there is freedom in Christ. When you listen to the things that He tells us not to do, you can see how disobeying those lead you to boxing yourself in and losing your freedom. There is not one thing that God is asking us to live by that would take away our freedom. I would argue that EVERY SINGLE ONE of those would actually GIVE you more freedom.

We should never hate someone that sins. We all sin. There should be no guilt either because God has paid for our sins. So, I am not condoning judgement in any way. I am saying it is wrong. That’s it.

I am completely disappointed in Faithwords for allowing this book to be published. I also hate to promote it with a review. It will lead so many more people to think that you can make a “god” up that you are comfortable with and claim he is the real God.

The road is narrow, my friend. This is exactly why.

0 stars.

Thank you, netgalley, for the book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more (hopefully good) books!

3 responses to “Damaged Goods”

    • I didn’t want to draw any attention to it. I don’t want people buying the book when they see it here. It is absolutely horrible, Chandra. It made me physically ill. I re-posted it since you asked. I did post a review on Amazon and wrote a letter to the Christian Publishing Company that published it.


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