by Dina Sleiman


Ahh. What to say?! Where to start? Coming off of my Divergent high, the name of this book obviously intrigued me. It’s a YA book with some major girl kicking butt power!!

Lady Merry has lost her family under the cruel reign of King John (Yup! Like Robin Hood’s arch-nemesis). She and some other children had escaped and lived in the forest for 2 years. They lived off what they could find, or steal, and learned how to defend and take care of themselves.

This is such a fun book. I know it is a YA novel, but I think it will be passing through quite a few Mommas’ hands before making its way to their kiddos. It’s an adventurous story, the characters are deep and you really care about them. I enjoyed watching the way God was working in multiple lives throughout the book. Usually that is not the case. Dina found a way to show different characters struggling to make sense of God and what He was doing in their lives without it being too much of a side story, or too preachy.

Love it! Make sure you read my face-off post to get to know Dina a bit more and then head on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy of Dauntless (Valiant Hearts Book #1)!! Make haste! It’s a great price and won’t stay for long (:

Thanks, netgalley, for this great book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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