His love is true.

His love is true.

Today is quite a day! I am reading a new series that is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am enjoying it immensely! I can’t wait to share my review of the first book and have my face-off with Dawn CrandallTOMORROW!!

Dauntless (Valiant Hearts)I am also still laughing at how much fun it was to chat with Dina Sleimanas her book released yesterday. She had me rolling with her fun stories and antics!

Make sure you check out her book, Dauntless. It is such a fun read!

I am so excited to introduce another author to you as well!!  Her name is Susie Finkbeiner. An image posted by the author.I will be doing a “face-off” with her soon so that you can get to know her.

So, overall, it’s gonna be a pretty great day (:

I am so thankful that God has given me this opportunity to blog and read so many books. I have made new friends that are absolutely awesome!!! He created me and put the desires in my heart and has now fulfilled them. I feel honored. There are so many people I know that love to read. I am truly grateful for this opportunity!

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