Face-Off with Dawn Crandall

I will be reviewing one of her AMAZING books this afternoon (but I won’t give away whether I like it or not. You’ll have to wait and see…)

But for now:


The rules are simple. I ask Dawn some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Most awkward moment?

Dawn – I don’t have awkward moments anymore because I’ve had so many of them in my life that they hardly faze me anymore. 🙂

Charity – Oh, girl…you have no idea. I guess one for me would be when my son (around 5yrs old or so) asked me how the babies got out of my tummy. I said that God made a special private place that only girls have. ha ha ha ha. As soon as I said “private place” he lost it. He bent over and said, “You shoot them out of your butt-canon!!!”. Needless to say, he told people about how they get out of mom’s tum tum for a few weeks. Each time bending over making shooting noises. ha ha ha. It was too funny to make him stop, but horrifying at the same time.

The other one that was equally horrifying is….well, first a little back story. My mom had told my kids that when you get old, you start to shrink a little. So, we were walking around Williamsburg one day and he, (same kid around the same age) sees a dwarf. He yells, “MOM!!!! THAT GUY MUST BE REALLLLLLLLY OLD! LOOK HOW SHORT HE GOT!!!” I almost peed my pants.

— Girl, you handed that one to me!!

Charity 1 / Dawn 0

2. Have you ever asked someone how far along she was and she was actually not pregnant?

Dawn – No! I make sure not to even mention things like that–just in case. Though, when I was pregnant last year I talked about being pregnant to everyone, just so they knew for sure!

Charity – Well, well. I surely did this. It was so awful and embarrassing. I wanted to melt into a puddle. So, I ask this girl at my church when she was due. I mean, totally looked like she was about to deliver. OMGosh. She said, “I’m not pregnant. I just carry all my weight in my stomach”. The worst part was, I was sooooo embarrassed, I completely lied!!!! I was like, “Oh! Someone told me you were pregnant!!! I’m so sorry. Weird!”. I don’t think she bought it and I hightailed it outta there.

— You gotta give me something! I might just win this one!!

Charity 2 / Dawn 0

3. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? and why?

Dawn – Ugh, the first person to come to mind was Adam Levine! He’s just so likable and funny! And hot. Can I say that? Well, it’s true.

Charity – lol. I love how you said, “ugh”. And, yes, you can say that! ha ha. I think I would like to hang out with Jimmy Fallon. He is too funny.

— I’ll give you that one since you played the “hot” card!

Charity 2 / Dawn 1

4. Do you decorate your house for each holiday?

Dawn – I only decorate for Christmas, but I make it last at least six weeks.

Charity – WHA??????? No. No. Just, no. Our house looks like holiday vomit most of the time. I guess it’s more in the fall. I love fall decorations and then Christmas ones. Horray!!!!

— You don’t get points for that!!!

Charity 3 / Dawn 1

5. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?

Dawn – Oreos and whole milk.

Charity – Pretty Little Liars

— Your’s is much more wholesome than mine…

Charity 3 / Dawn 2

6. What book was your favorite when you were growing up?

Dawn – I didn’t read much until high school (because I have ADD), but once I did discover books, my favorites were the classics like Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Charity – Wow! Fancy for your young age!!! This was mine. I was so in love with Roman.

Now the cover looks like this:

You can imagine the joy that this brings to my husband and sons. They pull it out all the time and laugh at me.

They have every right to. That is the scariest cover I have ever seen. Still in love with Roman though.

— Smarty Pants reader gets the points here. I don’t think that cover is winning me ANYTHING!

Charity 3 / Dawn 3

7. Craziest moment with the new baby?

Dawn – Oh my, there’s so much crazy going on constantly! But Rhett’s actually such a good baby–I guess I’ll have to say he’s crazy-amazing and it’s crazy how much I didn’t know I was missing before having him!

Charity – Uh, no more babies for me!!! You may take this point!

Charity 3 / Dawn 4

8. What do you like to collect?

Dawn – I can’t think of anything!

Charity – hmmm.. I really love Fenton art glass and anything IKEA. However, I don’t really have room in my house to collect things. But, I certainly have a large collection of Fenton.

— horray for me!

Charity 4 / Dawn 4

9. If you had to pick one of the Duck Dynasty guys to hang out with for a day, who would it be? (ugh…There’s no good answer to that one!)

Dawn – I think I’d choose Jase. He’s so dry and level-headed. And did I say dry? I adore dry humor; I think hanging out with him would crack me up.

Charity – I agree 100%

— tie

10. Are you toilet paper picky?

Dawn – Yes! I buy the thickest, softest stuff I can find.

Charity – OMGosh. Me too. I like the cottonelle with aloe. My husband says that the men in the house don’t need to waste money on that. So, I get the nice stuff and they get the cheap-o stuff. Dead. Serious. They call me princess butt. ha ha ha ha

— tie

11. Lastly, worst calendar you’ve ever seen for sale (or in someone’s house)?

Dawn – I don’t remember!

Charity – Dude. Get a load of this:

You can imagine my delight when my husband and I were out shopping and we came across this. We almost died laughing. We snap-chatted that to everyone!!!!!!!

So frightening!

–Oh My Goodness. This can only mean one thing!


Charity 5 / Dawn 4

I am so, very sorry to tell you this, but I WON!!!

<– Too much?

Girl, you know I love you!!! This was so much fun (: Thanks for playing and letting me win by not answering two questions!!!!

Ok, everyone! Get ready to check out Dawn’s newest books!! Review a little later today.

49696-all2bthree2btogetherThese are ABSOLUTELY, oh yeah! You have to wait for my review (;

If you want to check them out on Amazon, please do!!

Dawn Crandall’s Amazon Page

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