Oh boy, do I.

Who am I that He should love me? What have I ever done that He should care. How many times have I hurt Him that He would forgive? What is He to me?

Everything. All. It. My strength. My hope.

Sometimes I think back on my life and the crazy ups and downs. The twists and turns. The troubles I got myself into. The way I thought I was grabbing ahold of freedom and running to a life full of possibilities, when instead, those grabbed me and squeezed all the light out of my life. Squeezed and shoved me into a little box. A box with no light and no freedom.

God, my very own Savior, picked me up, made me white. Like snow. Pure. Blameless.

He carries me when I am weak.  He fights for me when I am still. He holds me when I am sad. He laughs with me when I am happy. I want to share every moment with Him. He is my sustenance. Without Him, I am nothing. I am broken. Weak. Hopeless.

Now I can walk with my head up. Without shame. I can know that I am never alone. I am always going to have a purpose. A purpose that I will gladly run towards.

I no longer need to search. I no longer need to wonder. Am I doing enough? Could I do more? I need to rest, have peace, joy, and look at each situation as an opportunity to bring Him glory. To God be all the glory. To me, a humble servant showing the handiwork of an awesome God.


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