My God is AWESOME!

God is my joy. My safety. My love. He has given me so much. When I started my blog, I had no idea where it was going to take me. He knew all along. He knew the friendships I would make along the way. He knew the joy and fun it would bring me. He also knew it was something I could really put myself into no matter how I am feeling. I can wear my yoga pants, curl up on the couch with some coffee or tea, and read a book, write on my blog, or have fun making a face-off and getting to know some of these great girls.

He loves us so much. He desires us!

I sometimes feel really frustrated when people ask me why a loving God would send someone to hell. That sentence doesn’t even compute with me. period.

If someone spent their whole life hating you, wanting nothing to do with you, how is that love to force them to spend eternity with you?!?! As much as it hurts God, He will grant your wish. Make no doubt about that.

liveinhispresenceThe road is narrow, and that is because it is a road full of persecution, defending God and fighting the evil that is here to destroy us. Is He really Lord of my life? Do I use every opportunity that I have to bring Him glory? No, of course not. I sure wish I could. That is my goal. That is my desire. I want nothing more than to see His name praised. To see someone love God because He showed Himself through me and my actions.

Let us seek Him. Love Him. Make His name great. Everything else…it just doesn’t matter. That’s what it really comes down to.

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