I am all a-flutter! Mr. Theo Darcy has granted me an interview!

Proceeding the commencement of my audience with Mr. Theo Darcy, I should like to acquaint you with publication which shall be released almost this very moment! In fact, I dare say that it is quite within reach! If you would be so kind as to click on this singular portrait, you shall find that you may, indeed, read portions of his exploits, which are quite intimate, in my way of understanding. To write of one’s enterprises seems to be a bit pretentious.

However, I shall endeavor to think only the best of him and it really shall be a fascinating read. Indeed, I shall feel quite wicked reading it! What is a girl to do when such fun is to be had? I shall venture to say, “Alas, read the publication and read it well so you shall have much to share when you see your companions Tuesday next!” I propose it will be the talk of the soiree. What a splendid diversion!!!

Aha! He is now present, so I shall proceed.

Mrs. Andrews: Is Pemberley considered home, or do you forever presume it to be “Sir William’s” alone?

Mr. Theo Darcy: Pemberley will always be my boyhood home and I shall remember it most fondly. I hope to find myself welcome there all my life. But what is a man without his own homestead? I could hardly call myself a proper gentleman without a home to call my own. Pemberley is definitely the domain  of ‘Prince William’.

Mrs. Andrews: I quite agree with that. Well said. However, I must admit, I am exceedingly curious as to your musings on Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s talent at the pianoforte? I hear such exceedingly different opinions as to puzzle me exceedingly. I know that you have spent some time in her company and wish to hear your thoughts!

Mr. Theo Darcy: I sense that you might be tempting me to say far more than a gentleman should, Mrs. Andrews. I have found that criticizing a young woman’s accomplishments never proves a wise strategy. I will only say that I found a great deal to enjoy in her performance.

Mrs. Andrews: Ahh. A very wise gentleman, indeed! May I then ask you this? Being the Dandy that you are, may I presume you shan’t ever desire to be in close proximity to a fop and may be, in fact, perplexed as to the idea of such an irrational mode. Or, do I presume too much? For I find them to be most detestable! I speculate that you look to Mr. Beau Brummell for such advice?

Mr. Theo Darcy: I am fond of well looking clothes and presenting a dashing figure. I see no fault in that. But I draw the line at the kind of self-centered foolishness that brings disgrace upon ones name and ones connections. Gah! How is it you have me sounding like my elder brother? He is far too stuffy for my tastes, I would not emulate him. But I would repine any actions that led me to be considered a fop.

Mrs. Andrews: I fear that I am both relieved and must beg your forgiveness! You are of a much improved temper than Mr. Darcy. I quite believe we agree on that account! I daresay, this may be a mite….intimate, but I cannot, I will not disappoint. We must know! Should you desire a lady with wit and charm, but quite ordinary in appearance; or one of great beauty and an unsound and delicate constitution?

Mr. Theo Darcy: Why should I not have the good fortune to find a great beauty with wit and charm? If one is do dream, he must not limit his imagination. But in the spirit of conciliation, I shall consider the parameters of your question.

While I do appreciate a woman’s beauty, her company grows quite tiresome if she does not have some amount of wit and a great sense of fun about her and a woman of delicate constitution is rarely fun.

Mrs. Andrews: I fear you have a most difficult choice ahead. For what man is fortuitous enough to endeavor to find both. I dare say, that would be a most arduous task!

Do tell, for I love a good intrigue! Is it quite true that Lady Catherine, in such an ill-tempered manner, admonished Miss Elizabeth Bennet? I do believe that she is profusely put out at the anticipation of a certain union that is said to be announced any day!

Mr. Theo Darcy: My aunt…oh that is a delicate subject. My brother does not prefer that I express my candid opinions about her outside the family circle. However, it is difficult to contain. Lady Catherine is apt to admonish where she will and is quite the termagant when vexed. I make it a point to avoid her company whenever possible as I do not relish the sharpness of her tongue. As for her opinions on a certain union, I am quite certain is would be hard pressed to approve of any but her own choices for my brother.

I confess, one advantage of not being heir to Pemberley is that my own prospects are of little interest to her.

Mrs. Andrews: I can only imagine that you are correct on that account, sir! In fact, I daresay, Mr. Theophilus Darcy, you are quite the charmer. I believe that the ladies shall have to be, in all respects, mindful and take particular care to be prudent in your company. What say you to that?

Mr. Theo Darcy: You wound me Mrs. Andrews! You seem to imply that I might take unfair advantage of a young lady and that is entirely untrue. Despite attempts to draw me as a rake, I am, first and foremost a gentleman. That being said, I do greatly enjoy the companionship of young ladies and will avail myself of agreeable company whenever possible.

Mrs. Andrews: Oh, Theo! You do humor me!! No one thinks you a cad! In fact, quite the opposite is true! Thus, I believe, they must be prudent not to spend time in your company lest they lose their heart in such a quick manner! You should leave the entire town full of broken hearts. We shall never recover and no one else shall ever do!

Now, as fastidious as your brother shows himself to the general populace, you seem to be quite content to delight in a summer picnic and attend a country dance. How do you intend to away without commandeering the hearts of many a country lady? I must repeat my sentiments and ask you forthwith!

Mr. Theo Darcy: Despite my preference for lively amusements and companions, I never make promises I do not intend to keep nor imply a greater affection than I feel. A prudent young lady will attend to such things and not set her expectations inappropriately.

Mrs. Andrews: I shall leave you with this: “Why not seize pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!” Do you agree with me on this count at least?

Mr. Theo Darcy: Indeed I do! One must seize whatever enjoyment he can out of the day!

Mrs. Andrews: Oh Theo! Displaying Theosignature-211x300.jpgYou humor me unceasingly. I greatly enjoy your company and am of a mind to continue enjoying it! I am a married woman, so it is quite safe to jest with you from time to time. I am most grateful for your interview. I know it is frowned upon that a woman should jot down an article, or an interview, but I quite enjoy it. As we both know, my groom is very much stuck with me, so what shall he have to say now? Not much, I can assure you of that!


I have come across some DELIGHTFUL news! Mr. Theo Darcy has conceded to present two readers with one of his very own books! Perchance the winner shall be you! If you should like to attempt to ascertain a copy, please leave a comment here, or you may ask Mr. Theo Darcy an inquiry yourself! He has stopped at many a place, so do increase your chance to win by visiting where he has already been! I shall place all the information before you:

Virtual Book Tour Dates

-Monday, 2nd February – official launch at Austenprose

-Thursday, 5th February – Austen Variations

-Monday, 9th February – Leatherbound Reviews

-Thursday, 12th February – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

-Monday, 16th February – More Agreeably Engaged

-Thursday, 19th February – Laughing with Lizzie

-Monday, 23rd February – My Jane Austen Book Club

-Monday, 2nd March – The Writings and Ramblings of Colette Saucier

-Tuesday, 3rd March – aTransParentMom

-Thursday, 5th March – Songs & Stories

-Thursday, 19th March – A Transparent Mom

Find out more about The Darcy Brothers here,  and do please join us for the upcoming release on the Facebook Launch Page or visit and like The Darcy Brothers‘ own Facebook Page.

You can also keep up to date with Theo as he goes ‘on tour’ through the following social media links (but shhhh, don’t tell his brother!)

Theo on Twitter

Theo on Facebook

42 responses to “I am all a-flutter! Mr. Theo Darcy has granted me an interview!”

    • Honestly, Theo! You are presenting yourself in the most pompous manner! Circulating your read as if the world must see it! It is delightfully ostentatious of you. My dear, Theo, only you could possibly carry on in this manner without a bit of reproach.


  1. Well, what a delightful interview. It’s very reassuring to read that Mr Theo Darcy is no rake and has no intentions of trifling with the affections of young ladies. There’s been enough of that from a certain person (I won’t use the term ‘gentleman’, for he is none) who shall not be named.

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say that we’re very much hoping to read more of his and Sir Montague’s adventures in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love Theo Darcy, and followed his adventures on Austen Variations last year. He is a lovely character and I thoroughly enjoyed every word. His friend Montague is the perfect foil to Theo, and an entire series of books would not satisfy the growing army of Theophiles. Great character, smart, a gentleman, and the only man who can make me stop thinking of that other Mister Darcy. If that doesn’t persuade you, look at the picture. Enough said.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my! I dare say that “other Darcy” is quite take , if rumors are to be understood correctly. It is best, then, that you transfer all affectionate feelings towards a “less tied down” fellow (as they say).


  3. Loved the interview with Mr. Theo! I would very much love to win the book and read more about him and his exploits!

    Thanks for the interview and for the giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yes!! Please do read of his adventures so that we will have much to discuss Tuesday next! I do believe he has ascertained an invite as well!! What a wicked man! Showing himself off in a writing and then making an appearance knowing we will all be tittering over it. He does much to vex me, yet I do not mind so much…


    • One might think such a thing, but to my understanding, Theo, yes, I shall call him by his Christian name because he has asked me to. It is awfully awkward when my groom is nearby, but he is quiet and shan’t mind too much. Well, as I was saying, you may presume I know him well from such a short interview, but it is of my belief that he “holds his cards close to the table”, as they say. I do believe there is much more to Theo than what we have uncovered.


  4. Great interview with Theo, always enjoy getting to know him better. I know the book just came out but have you consider a sequel or even doing a series?


    • I quite enjoyed my time with Theo (do not fear, he has given me, no, he has asked me to call him by his Christian name). It would be presumptuous to assume that the kind sir would, in fact, have more to say about himself. I thought it pretentious enough that he thought to write so much of his intimate life. Who can know the mind of Theo? Is puzzles me exceedingly.


    • My my! I do hope you are unattached. This great desire to “read more about Theo” could make a loved one quite jealous!! I declare, and I have repeated myself numerous times, it is very pretentious to write so many musings on one’s self. I can’t imagine he would presume to do so!!


  5. Delightful interview. While Theo seems to recieve a certain amount of pleasure from tormenting Prince William, he is quick to defend him should someone else try the same. A good man and a good brother.


  6. Charming interview! I think we are all delighted by Theo. When I read his answer about how one must seize whatever enjoyment one can out of the day, I heard the “Seize The Day” song from Newsies in my head. So now, even though it is entirely not time period appropriate, I will always associate that song with Theo.


    • Oh my! What handsome young men they were! When I was in my youth, I thought them most delectable.

      I do not, however, believe that Theo would approve of such an idea. To be reminded of a simple street urchin carrying on. What is all that about anyway? I dare say, it may be best if we kept this little amusement between ourselves.


  7. What a wonderful opportunity to win the favored book about the Darcy brothers.
    Perhaps I can read it soon and see what everyone is conversing over.


  8. I must insist on knowing, sir. I know it is not considered prudent to inquire so intimate a question, however, I am of such a curious nature. Do you attend your local parish frequently?


  9. It’s a very entertaining and delightful interview. Thanks to both you and Theo for agreeing to share the transcript with us. I confess part of my heart is charmed by Theo but since he would not want to be shackled by any lady, I would take care not to put too much hope in that area.


    • Oh, don’t mind his theatrics! He is certainly most amiable to the ladies companionship. He will, I am sure of it, someday desire a sensible bride!! Don’t fret over such a thought.


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