You know, health and stuff…

I’ve had a rough go of it lately. I just want you to know that I am so thankful for those of you that have been praying for me and sending me notes of encouragement. I have greatly needed your support. you aren’t familiar with my health problems, you can read this post. For some reason, it has really accelerated over the last year and I have become a shell of who I used to be. I struggle to make it through each day. I am so thankful that God is in control. I am so thankful that he is sovereign enough to take care of everything around me while I try to find a balance of pain medicine and natural health supplements.

I would like to request prayers from my sweet friends, if you don’t mind. I could really use it. I love my life and my family and all that God has given me. I just wish I could enjoy them more. Instead, I am declining so quickly, it is hard to enjoy. If I didn’t have a God holding me, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

I cling to Scriptures that I know to be true. My God is truly faithful.

I have always loved this image because it represents so much. It shows Him holding “me”. It shows the mallet in “my” hand that nailed Him to the cross because of my sin. It shows His great love and passion for “me”.  It also shows “my” weariness and weakness and how much I need Him to hold me.

I don’t want pity. I am happy and know that God chose this path for me to be brought the most glory. I am completely ok with that. I just would love the prayers and love so that I can feel encouraged. Even Paul had a “thorn in the flesh”, right? So, no worries on that account. Again, just pray for my spirits to be encouraged

Thanks guys (:

4 responses to “You know, health and stuff…”

  1. :O I had no idea before reading this post that you were suffering from Ehlers-Danlos, that caused you to have chronic pain and keeps from doing some of the things you enjoy.
    I’m sorry about that, I know you don’t want pity, I’m just sad that bad things happen to people. I know God has a plan though and everything happens for a reason, we just have to trust in Him.
    I’m happy to see you lean on him for support. I’ll pray for you and your family for sure!

    I also wanted to say, I have a friend (through social media) and she also suffers from chronic pain. I think she might have the same thing as you do, but I’m not sure.
    Since you both seem to suffer from similar conditions, I’ll point her to your blog. I think she might enjoy connecting with you 🙂


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