Too Easy makes for TOO Much Stress

That sounds like it should be the opposite. Too easy makes for too much stress? I firmly believe it. It’s way too easy to try on perfectionism. It’s way too easy to want to look the best at the party. It’s way too easy to want to bring the best dish to share. It’s way too easy to hide at home because we are afraid to try. It’s way too easy to do too much so that we are appreciated and loved.

The things is, we already are appreciated and loved. It’s too hard to comprehend that. It’s too easy to want to look good to our neighbors, friends, even people we pass in the store!

You know what it really is? It’s pride. Plain and simple. Just pride.

Focusing on “Will I get enough hits on my blog today?” “Will I be the best dressed at church?” “Will I get enough pages written today?” “Will I get everything I wanted/needed to done today?”

I fail to see where God fits into that. I see a whole lot of “I”, but no “Him”.

That’s where stress comes in. When the focus is on me and what I am doing. Instead of I, let’s change that up. “Will God get enough Glory on my blog today?” “Will God get the most Glory through the way I interact with people at church today?” “Will God get the glory in what we can get done today (because, if I’m yelling at the kids and getting stressed out, it’s back on me and off of Him)?”

It’s such a struggle for me. I’m all in or all out. I CONSISTENTLY, DAILY and ALWAYS need to pray for God to keep my eyes on Him. Make every situation turn to Him and His glory. When I am doing that, I have no room for stress. It’s gone because I’m not thinking about myself and what I need to do.

I’m in the business of thinking about God and what makes Him look great.

6 responses to “Too Easy makes for TOO Much Stress”

  1. This post had a perfect timing for me. I had last week off from school, but I didn’t get much work done. Now I’m struggling with all the papers I have to write for next week. Because of that I lack sleep and I snapped at my family…
    Your post helped me relax and refocus on what’s really important 🙂

    Thank you!


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