Ok, I’m had some comments here and there, but I’m gonna need more than that! Fess up! What books did you read growing up that have the most horrifc covers??

Come on guys! I’m getting some emails and such, but show me whatcha got! Where are those weirdo books you used to read!????


Just for GIGGLES. I will show you a couple of my favorite books growing up. The covers are so horrendous that it’s a bit embarrassing. ha ha ha ha ha.

1. Now, I understand that you are probably laughing, but, believe me, this isn’t the worst!!! If you want a good mystery, this is THE BEST mystery book I have ever read. You definitely want to check it out. *scary* Still, it is not my fault that publishers don’t make good judgement calls when it comes to their covers. Besides, it probably looked great in 1991, when it was released!

2.Ok, so THANK GOODNESS they decided to update this sucker. If you have seen my face-offs, you may have seen the covers I was subjected to growing up. 62186819780891098362In fact, I’ll show you. See?? See what those of us that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s were subjected…

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