“Which?” with Author Dawn Crandall

297442_4120716569595_1033988580_nIt’s time for WHICH? with Dawn Crandall! If you haven’t read her books yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!

You can check out our fun Face-Off and my Review of her first book, The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles Book 1).

Dawn is loads of fun and one of the best authors I have ever come upon! Her books are deep, rich, and full of wonderful characters!


Ok, so I asked Dawn some questions. I figured I would see how it matched up to mine… No points, as in a Face-Off. This is purely a fun fact game!

1. Food: Mexican, Chinese, Italian?

Dawn – Um, all of them! Plus I’d like to add authentic Indian, Thai and Vietnamese–I really LOVE interesting, flavorful food!

Charity – Fancy Pants! (:

Mexican for me!

2. Decor: Modern, Shabby Chic, Country?

Dawn – I’m pretty sure Shabby Chic simply oozes from my pores. Though I can’t go too crazy with it, or I would drive my husband bonkers. So, what I have is more of a toned down shabby chic with lots of antiques that make what I call the “cottage” look.

Charity Ahh. Right-O. The husbands love the flowers and such. My hubby says that it’s not fair because once you are married, you get joint gifts and it’s always stuff like candles…he said, it’s basically a girl gift to both of us. I do believe he’s right! ha (:

I like Mod. I’m an Ikea lover. My house is one big Ikea explosion.

3. Vehicles: Minivan, SUV, Jeep, or car?

Dawn – I drive an Edge–kind of a mix between an SUV and a Minivan. And I LOVE IT.

Charity – Cool! So, you are a cool mom.

I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid. You would think it gets great gas mileage, thus the word “hybrid”. You would be quit surprised to find that I get about 34 MPG on it… odd, huh?

4. Yoga, Running, Spinning, or Boot Camp?

Dawn – I don’t actually ever purposefully exercise…. But I have taken a Pilate class before, and I really liked how that made me feel… 15 years ago. I think having a 23lb 11 month old helps though! He’s been my “weight-training routine” from about 3-4 months when he weighed 16-17lbs.

Charity – Ugh. I don’t purposefully exercise either! It’s of the devil. I do love yoga and swimming, but both are the worst thing I could do for my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. so…*shrug*

5. Date: Dinner/Movie, Ice Skating/Hot Dog Vendor, Corn Maze/Fast Food?

Dawn – I think I’d choose dinner and a movie… as long as it’s to see a movie like Cinderella or Frozen.

Charity – When I was younger, I would have said corn maze, for sure. Now, it is 100% dinner and a movie. I LOVE going to the theater. Especially now that they have those awesome lazyboy chairs in them. *sigh* Foot rest and chair lies back. It’s …. amazing.

6. City: New York, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas

Dawn – I think going to visit New York City for a few days would be really fun! I’ve been there for a few hours before, and it was like visiting another world!

Charity I love Chicago SO MUCH!! I also loved Las Vegas because of all the really neat hotels. Unfortunately, Annie Lobert’s book, Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into the Arms of the Saviormade me really re-think my love for that place. whew!

7. Dream Vacation: Cruise, Backpacking through Europe, Castle Exploring in Ireland/Scotland

Dawn – I choose to have a three-way-tie for this one. How about I take an ocean-liner similar to the Titanic–(in my dreams, right?) to Britain and then backpack to Scotland and Ireland to see the castles? (after I stop to visit Cornwall, Bath, London and everything Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte, of course…

Charity – Hmm. I am right there with ya! I would love to see England.

8. Movies: LOTR, Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice, Captain America, Warrior?

Dawn – I actually LOVE all of these movies, but I would definitely pick Pride and Prejudice as the BEST. And I like the 2005 movie version the best. And now, because you brought it up, I need to watch it! *sigh*

Charity – My heart just broke in two. Did you mean to say the 2005 version?! ahhhhhhhh noooooooooo.

9. Breakfast: Bagel, Cereal, Bacon/Eggs

Dawn – Sunnyside-up eggs, toast, bacon, sausage patties (with syrup to dip them in), and hash browns with onions.

Charity – lol. Nice! I am WAY too lazy in the morning to do anything. Usually a granola bar or something…

10. Worship: Nature, Singing, In a Group, Praying Alone

Dawn – Nature! I wish I had more nature around where I live, but I grow up with acres and acres of trees surrounding my house and would take walks (with my cats faithfully following me!) through the woods almost everyday!

Charity – Oh! That’s awesome. I’ve been a city girl my whole life. It would be nice to get away… like, move away (as long as there’s a Target within 15 minutes).

I love music. Worship through music. ❤

Alright! Be on the lookout for my review of The Bound Heart tomorrow morning! You won’t want to miss it…


4 responses to ““Which?” with Author Dawn Crandall”

  1. I know the 2005 P&P isn’t everyone’s favorite–but I really like KK as EB! And I just love everything about it! And that it’s only 2 hours long! I saw the A&E version in high school, but it just took soooo long/too long for this ADD-inflicted girl! ❤️

    Thanks for you’re wonderfully amazing words, Charity! I’m glad you came across me and that you were interested in reviewing my books!


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