To Be Continued…

I am sorry to say that I have not yet finished my WONDERFUL little book. I was hoping to get my review up of The Darcy Brothers today (as I posted in my face-off with author Maria Grace). We have had some family emergencies come up and left me with less time to read. I plan to have it up in the next day or two.

That being said, I would appreciate your prayers! We could use them right now. As you know, I struggle with Ehlers-Danlos, amongst other things. Quite a few of my family members also have their own illnesses. Ehlers-Danlos is a connective tissue disease and is genetic; wreaking havoc on the entire body. So, while I can be here emotionally for everyone, it is difficult to not be able to take over all the things they need help with during this time.

We are limping along together and that’s what is so great about family. And that’s what’s so great about my God. His promises keep me going.


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