Couple of things! — (+ New Giveaways)

Hey!! Life sure has been crazy around here. I am just back from a trip up north to see my parents through a couple of big appointments. I’ve had a lot of my posts on timers, so I am sorry if you got a bunch at once, or if you had any problems.

Today is the last day you can enter to win The Darcy Brothers ebook! You don’t want to miss out!!! Just go to my page and look at the giveaways section. There are some new giveaways there too. Enter while you can!!

Thanks to those of you who have been praying for us and all the insanity going on with my family and everyone’s health. It’s been a pretty CRAZY week. As I was driving home today, I was listening to some TAY TAY. I noticed myself starting to worship. At first, I felt totally weird (once I realized what I was doing), but she was singing about this total gentleman that gave her chance after chance and was always there for her. I started laughing because, one, it was a little (lot) weird, but mostly because I thought it was pretty cool that my mind went straight to God when I heard the lyrics. He will be made to worship in all things, I suppose. He was that gentleman to me that changed my life.

So, there you have my most embarrassing secret of the week. Care to share your’s?

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