Name It!! with Karen Swallow Prior

OMGosh. I don’t even know what I’ve gotten myself into!!!!! A couple months back, I had a REALLY fun face-off with Karen Swallow Prior.
She had her second book, Fierce Convictions, published and I wrote a review on it and, naturally, we faced off.

Well, here we are again!! This time, it is for Booked. (great name! right??)So, I came up with a little game called “Name It!!”. It is up to the author to pick the subject. She can then choose to be quizzed, or to quiz. She chose to quiz me. *biting nails*. Not only that, but she chose the subject “Books”. How stinking broad is that??

She can give me 3 hints only. Ugh. So, here we go… Can I do it?!

Karen –  Bard. Dramatist. English.

Charity – The Hobbit!! Second and Third one!!! Hold on, you trickster. There’s only one Hobbit book!!


Karen – Poet. American. Scary!

Charity – OMGosh. Was Edgar Allen Poe American? And that’s not the name of a book! Holy stink. No idea.


Karen – Puritan. Prisoner. Allegory.

Charity – Pilgrim’s Progress…?


Karen – NYT Bestseller. Thankful. Beautiful.

Charity – I. Have. No. Idea.


Karen – Popular. Film-adaptation. 19th Century.

Charity – Pride and Prejudice!!!!


Karen – Pastor. California. Hawaiian Shirts.

Charity – LOL! I don’t know. I am going to guess Rick Warren…so, … I can’t even think of the name of his bestseller! ha. Something about…OH YEAH!! Purpose Driven Life. ???

Ok, now here is the deal. You guys, my readers, can guess too. Especially since I am not really sure about many of them AT ALL!! Comment and let me know what you think. Karen will reveal the answers to me in a couple of days (: Who can get them all?

**Links are in the pics above. Check them out!!! Great reads!

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