The Captive Imposter

by Dawn Crandall

The conclusion of The Everstone Chronicles goes out with a BANG! If you have been following, this is the story of Estella Everstone. Hiding away after the death of her brother, she is now posing as a companion of a wealthy 81 year old lady. She’s been “in love” with Jay for so long! Will it finally happen? Or does God have someone else for her?

Dawn has done it! In her debut trilogy, she has written three amazing books. Each one keeps you glued to the pages. It’s an easy read in one day. No, not because it’s short. You won’t put it down!!! I’ll warn you right now. Get food in the crock pot before you start, or else be ready to order a pizza!!

Five Solid Stars! Can’t wait for the next series!! Thank you so much, Dawn Crandall,for a copy of this book. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to MANY MORE!! (and hurry!!)

Be sure to check back here every day for Dawn’s Every Day Giveaway this month!! Also, April 6th, the blog tour train STOPS HERE! TOOT TOOT!! Interview with Dawn and a giveaway of this INCREDIBLE BOOK!!!

In case you want to catch up?

Links are in the pics! Books one and two here:

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