Thank You

God, thank you for my family. Thank you for a husband that is kind, attentive, supportive, seeker of You and imitator of You. Thank you for children that are becoming the same way. They are so selfless and in love with You. That’s all I could ask for as a mother.

I thank You for the freedom we have in this country. I pray it won’t be wasted, but used to worship You in everything we do and say. I pray that You are brought glory throughout the world. I pray people will see You in the flowers, the sunset, the clouds in the blue sky and in the beautiful rainbow You gave us as a promise and symbol of Your love.

I thank you for loving me. You loved me enough to give up everything and come here as a man. You humbled Yourself and made Yourself lower than anyone here on earth. You came as a servant. You came to love and serve others and to show us an example of how to live through the power of the Spirit and the Father.

You were fearful, crying and tortured. You bled, hung and faced the wrath of God for me. You, who knew what it was to see the wrath of God. You love me that much.

You rose from the dead and showed Your loved by returning to the very ones that left you alone in Your darkest hours. You still loved them. You are all I want. You are all I need. My heart belongs to you completely and fully.


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