Tiffany Girl

by Deeanne Gist

In 1892, as the World Fair was coming to Chicago, Tiffany (as in glass, not diamonds) was preparing to enter gorgeous, stained glass windows and other displays. The men were on strike, so Mr. Tiffany decided to hire women, for the first time in history. These women endured mistreatment, groping, being spit at and a number of other atrocities. They were not considered women of “good repute” if they had jobs, so men figured that they didn’t have to treat them as ladies.

Much to her parents dismay, Flossie decides to move out of her home to become one of the “Tiffany Girls”. What a BEAUTIFUL story unfolds as we see her grow up and mature through the harsh realities of life. Her new “family” at the boarding house and the prestigious job she holds is what will bring her happiness; or so she thought.

The hero in this story is also grappling with loss, fear and growth. It’s an absolutely wonderful book. I read it through in one day and didn’t want to put it down. It is full of so much rich history, colorful, intriguing characters, and windows into the world of the “New Woman”.

Solid Five Stars. I encourage you to pick up a copy! Link is in the pic above.

Thank you, netgalley, for this wonderful read. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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