Face-Off with Sarah M. Eden!!

Sarah has long been one of my favorite authors! You can check out all of her books Here!

The Kiss of a Stranger is one of my favorites! She writes quite a bit of Regency romance, but has other genres too. Best part about this book? It’s only $3.99!! Now, that’s a steal! (Link is in the pic).

Sarah’s latest release is For Elise, which I will be reviewing today as well! They are beautiful stories, full of rich characters and sweet romance!

All that is well and good, but we are here, right now, to PLAY!

So, no more dilly dally! Let’s get to it!!

EMWQycIKwarl7EKxg2sJDY7UAhcnLWCEpDHhbQ_VmJJVshB7w7qwpsTOF4IhvcWeHx3w0gW0JSgSSx9j3Uav8vXcQJkBuIF4WuNXwwrs9NJ1P9H2K17GXzDHIdPKQmwOYKbSh-3iKpXmnAL-k_Pu_ORxKHLxhse6rbSApfQ68FIwTVTx8XKwz35L1MaQY3FnUfpMXGAFmCiDIqAboEu9EfZ4PEepyxL8MNow, see here. This is a perfect example of a pinterest fail. Look at how nice she looks sitting outside. Now, look at me attempting to be as smooth as Sarah. It’s not happening. The giant, horn zit growing off my chin doesn’t help matters in the least!!

The rules are simple. I ask Sarah some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever gone hunting?

Sarah – I haven’t!

Charity – Me either!!! I think I am content to keep it that way. Especially after watching Duck Dynasty. Gross.

— Tie! Smart Ladies Here!

Charity 0 / Sarah 0

2. What does your favorite mug (you own) look like?

Sarah – I use teacups more than mugs. My favorite teacup is white china with little red roses and a dainty little handle. I found it at a thrift shop for 75¢. Not too shabby, right?

Charity – Not too shabby, indeed!! I love tea cups too!!!! I love pretty little cups. That’s mostly what I have too!

Although, my brother seems to think I’m a giant crank, apparently, because he got me a big mug for Christmas that says, “All stressed out and nobody to choke!!”. Not to mention he got me a shirt with a crabby cat on it that says, “This is my happy face”. Is he trying to get something across? Not sure.

— 75¢ is the way to DO it!

Charity 0 / Sarah 1

3. Have you ever visited any castles?

Sarah – I have! Bunratty Castle, King John’s Castle, Dublin Castle, Waterford Castle, Lynch’s Castle and, my personal favorite, Kilkenny Castle

Charity – Ok….Simmer down now!!! No need to show off….ha ha 🙂 I am totally impressed! I haven’t heard of most of them, so you could totally be making it up, but I’m going to believe you and say that I am insanely jealous!!!!!

— I had NO CHANCE to win that one!

Charity 0 / Sarah 2

4. What’s your favorite drink?

Sarah – This will likely sound super boring, but I am an ice water kinda gal. I grew up in the life-draining heat of Phoenix, Arizona and gained an early appreciation for the joys of cold water on a hot day.

Charity – Yes, boooorrrring!! 😉 How about Sweet Iced Tea???? Or UnSweetened! Both are amazing. When I was pregnant, I would drink 1 – 2 gallons of tea a day. No wonder I was the size of a BOAT. When people saw my little newborns, their reactions were always, “OH!! I thought he would be much bigger!!”

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! That can ONLY mean one thing!!!

— I am so taking that point!

Charity 1 / Sarah 2

5. Do you have loads and loads of bookshelves, or do you mostly have e-books?

Sarah – Both. I have a lot of bookshelves, most 2-deep with books in all genres. I also have loads of e-books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

Charity – Sounds exactly like me!!

— Tie for the book nerds!

Charity 1 / Sarah 2

6. Most awkward dating moment?

Sarah – I’d been on a date that hadn’t gone super well. Nothing earth-shatteringly horrible, we just didn’t hit it off. I was anxious to be back home and done. Upon reaching my apartment, I realized I didn’t have my keys. None of my roommates were home, so I was locked out. The guy was really nice about it and stayed with me while I tried a few of the neighbors (These were the days before cell phones), but we kept coming up empty. I finally found someone home only to realize they were having an in-home dinner date. There’s a certain indescribably awkwardness to interrupting a date that is going well in order to end a date that isn’t.

Charity – Oh my gosh! ha ha. Mine is nothing to that. I went out with a guy once and he was wearing mega high water pants. Like, 6 inches above his shoes. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment. Totally shallow?

— Sarah gets that one, hands down!!

Charity 1 / Sarah 3

7. Coolest thing you have made out of snow? (Snowman, Igloo, Cave, Angel, etc…)

Sarah – A few winters ago, we had a particularly high snowfall in the weeks leading up to Christmas. So, my husband, kids and I spent an afternoon building an enormous fort in our backyard. It had multiple rooms and passageways. It lasted for a couple of weeks before it finally melted away.

Charity – Oh my goodness! You are awesome! I’ve got nothing!!

— Am I lame or what? The best thing I’ve made is an uneven snow angel.

Charity 1 / Sarah 4

8. What’s your favorite snack?

Sarah – This is likely a weird answer, but it’s something I recently discovered and absolutely love: Armenian cracker bread and hummus. Mmmmm!!

Charity – That does sound amazing!! I love fruit, fruit and more fruit! Also, salted, dark chocolate almonds.

— Both are healthy and sound delish!

Charity 1 / Sarah 4

9. what’s the status of your toenails? Nice and painted, or hidden away not looking so great in all their winter glory?

Sarah – They’re kept neat and trimmed, though not painted. Just ordinary.

Charity – You are like a princess. It’s amazing! As Mary Poppins would say, “Practically Perfect in Every Way!”

Mine are disgusting. I have some green toenail polish that’s trying to hold on for dear life on about…3 toes.

— Princess Sarah 🙂

Charity 1 / Sarah 5

10. Have you ever called a person out that you saw in a public restroom not washing their hands?

Sarah – I can’t say that I have.

Charity – Me either. However, now I will. I will be ever so polite and say, “Oh! Hey, the sinks are this way!! Over here!!”

— We are wimps!! That’s probably why our kids get sick.

Charity 1 / Sarah 5

11. How do you feel that you are bringing God the most glory in your life?

Sarah – One of my favorite verses is found in the 4th chapter of 1 John, the sixteenth verse: “God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” I am a firm believer that when we live our lives with love for others, love for ourselves, and love for God that we are glorifying Him because He is love. I try to reflect that love in my life and in the way I view and treat others. I fall short of the mark often, as we all do, but I hope that in some small way I am learning o be more like Him and am extending His arm of love and kindness to others.

Charity – Absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t have said it better. 1 John 4 is one of my favorite chapters as well

— God Wins!


Charity 1 / Sarah 5

41pQGKwBBLL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ To say the least.

Thanks so much, Sarah! I had such a great time (:

Check back in a bit for my review of For Elise!!!

5 responses to “Face-Off with Sarah M. Eden!!”

  1. This was great. 🙂 Charity, reading these face-offs isn’t good for my cough. I have a cold/cough right now and I keep laughing.

    Sarah M. Eden is a wonderful author. I own and have read several of her books and only have three more to read. Well, I haven’t read the novellas yet. Someday….


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