Face-Off with Syrie James!!

Loved by Regency fans everywhere, Syrie James is quickly becoming known for her fictional story based on the life of  Jane Austen. I am so excited to read it! Review to follow in a bit! (:

But for now, we play!!


The rules are simple: I ask Syrie some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Have you ever set off a store alarm and got frisked?

Syrie – No, but once I was researching a novel that takes place in a hospital, and I took a few photographs as I walked around. Hospital security saw me on the security cameras, raced after me, and said taking pictures was prohibited. Who knew?? They politely escorted me out of the building. I think they thought I was a spy. 🙂

Charity – WHA?? ha ha. That’s so crazy!! Who knew, indeed?!

I haven’t ever been frisked either. :-/ Sounds so frightening!

— Syrie gets that one!!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

2. Favorite Jane Austen character?

Syrie – A tie between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

Charity – *sigh* I have to go with Marianne Dashwood or Mr. Knightly

— Jane Austen wins!!!!!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

3. Which Jane Austen adaptation is your fav?

Syrie – A tie between the 1995 mini-series Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth!!) and the Ang Lee film Sense and Sensibility starring Emma Thompson.

Charity – Ditto!! I also loved the 2009 Emma with Romola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller ❤

— Tie!!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

4. Best movie you’ve seen this year?

Syrie – I’ve seen so many movies already this year. I can’t choose a favorite. I loved the new Cinderella. I just saw Woman in Gold and really enjoyed it. Last year, I especially loved The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything.

Charity – That’s a tough one… I am thinking Taken 3!! woo hoo! Love me some Liam Neeson! He can kick some serious butt!! I also loved Belle, Belle (2013) Poster the true story of a mulatto abolishionist in the early 1800’s England. Such a beautiful movie!!!

— Another tie, I think!

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

5. Which Jane Austen character do you relate to the most?

Syrie – Elizabeth Bennet

Charity – Marianne Dashwood

— I think it’s funny that we relate to them AND they are our favorite.

?? I suppose we tie again! ha ha.

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

6. Have you ever hit a deer?

Syrie – Never.

Charity – Never.

— We are getting nowhere.

Charity 0 / Syrie 1

7. Do you run around trying to get all the restaurant birthday freebies on your big day?

Syrie – No. My mother was a very generous woman, but at the same time was thrifty, a dedicated coupon clipper, shopped on sale whenever possible, and sought out bargains, while my dad believed that if you’re going to buy something, you should only buy the best, and then you should thoroughly enjoy it. My philosophy falls somewhere between the two.

Charity – On my last birthday, it was RIDICULOUS. I homeschool my boys, so we got up and went from restaurant to restaurant all day long just getting my free meals and sharing it. ha ha. I told the waitress right up front that I was there for my free birthday meals, but I would tip her full price as if I had paid for them. They all thought it was the best idea and even hooked us up with extras!!! So much fun!!

— I won one!!

Charity 1 / Syrie 1

8. Have you ever wiped out on a bike?

Syrie – No, thank goodness — which is amazing when I think about it, since at the university I attended, I rode a bike every single day!

Charity – Wow! You are like…a super human! I have, totally destroyed my knee (No bones or anything, just took off a million layers of skin). Groooossssss!!!

— Super Human or Super Klutz?

I’m going with….



Charity 1 / Syrie 1

Thanks so much, Syrie!! I had a great time getting to know you a little better and I look forward to reading your book today! (:

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