Chatting with Caryl McAdoo (and a FACE-OFF) +Giveaway!!!!

Alright! I am excited to introduce you to Caryl! BTzaUv3I-rTkologE3DF3jCQ--IsS0-QuxqjZbo-flxSl3PiORstTSJw8Q4S58yby1cGWCDeH-zwkp3nEe9Y3UsPMVriCGfx5xlF7xgj16SpOyMbiGn9tgxxY9kOtRMS-iGfqsh5pVOnnK2TKLUX1ccfwg8u_rLyKSKpJoJgGRpWWHFG1Ii49gYRykdAvlzWpORMhpCvENrP9NwOLLU-Rkx7cwrK23Lyr I am sure some of you have already read a few of her books, but you will be finding out all about her when we chat! A multi-published author, Caryl has hit on almost every genre imaginable!

Today, she, and some other authors, will be having a virtual party from 10:00am – 6:00pm. There will be fun giveaways and a chance to stop by and chat with these fabulous ladies! So, make sure to head on over there! (Link is in tan)

Let’s get started, shall we?

Charity – Hey, Caryl! Thanks so much for stopping by. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

Caryl – My name is pronounced carol and means joyful song!
pM2LzJPgWXVhat_4uvHJzWu_V7c9-PRyHFPQGmG-tkplIyLDuoY4pkDjzsuK_7UJhV4O502wL4H2YExlwE_Tt8uY1cAvoPMEcFRNOXBAItUd8KtdaNm4uW6yFxYDonzrqJLYBvegCJGflPQjiyYR8UfezQ-etHg8og2tbzF9xXORXX2ijnPUgwaTKLli5qc41kXNtPNa8nzyl3wfibaQQ6dfTBrqhhkqiI live on 34 acres in the center of the woods–‘The Peaceable’ surrounded by 882 acres of McAdoo Ranch, my brother-in-law’s property. I love 4-wheeling or riding my Bliss (American Quarter Horse) Jg1IQw0bQ53GKWw7poWxK6lfoyDfZCYTIcshDLLA3fjFidU3BYZPDDED0rHWi1_PQl2g3S5tSo6mlNsEj8r5TWKvgiZv7nki3eD0KMyePiAB-Dcpc16Jl_qoTmjOeSZMxV3IOMC6zNjpPW9uZ573toWVjoanEDJtIqzTe9NLhmIPF_S4NrxeGfBkTbYdu-YsdCuczjYLo36Cnlz7WWeWGygbfCWUYLM33 all over it 🙂
I have fourteen grandsugars and one GREAT grandsugar! Most of them live within a few hours–in Northeast Texas, but two live in Virgina. Four of the grandsons have lived WITH me and O’Pa the last thirteen years, but the oldest graduated and is off to college now. The next to oldest  at sixteen asked to go live with maternal grandparents when that granddad (age 82) fell and broke his hip. My Gregory felt like he could help do what  Grandddad couldn’t – so we let him  So we’re down to two – Christian, a fifteen-year-old and Benjamen, twelve.0UqXOKBL-YIHEQMkLZ5CT7hjNd184OfJzr2Om1SvzHunb-f4w4DM8YaJKPlBu6JtXDMEvctQoeQI2SZ8t-w5MSS_FaHGwuzp0DDkoPrR4tg1LlhY1M0Ld-YDv5CiBBKJHk4RS6Afud62WmgD2dk8lt7qyltrIAVdLpNA_ixev-_m-5SPRoFYoOeW4h14FFYs6mcEJLGGOHfQZXWmhrHD8Fp-khsmFdgiT

Charity – I love this! They are some precious kiddos!I hear you have a new book coming out?

Caryl – My next historical Texas Romance Sins of the Mothers debuts May 3rd – my 65th birthday. 🙂 I think that’s when you’re legally old  In my brain, I’m still in my 30s but my body knows better. 🙂

Charity – How exciting!!! You are giving a book away at the Virtual Party on Facebook, right?

Caryl – I’m giving away Sing A New Song!

Charity – Your new release! How cool!!!

Alright, now that we’ve taken care of business, let’s get onto the fun stuff!!!


The rules are simple: I ask Caryl some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. If you could go back to any time in history, what would you choose and why? Plus, what would you do in that time?

Caryl – I would choose to go back to Jerusalem during the time Christ walked the earth, hear Him teach, see His face, look into His eyes!

Charity – Hey!!! You can’t say that! How could I possibly win now!!!! ❤

–Tricky Caryl beat me on that one 😉

Charity 0 / Caryl 1

2. What is your favorite historical movie/tv show?

Caryl – Oh what an easy question!! Downton Abbey! I hadn’t seen ANY of it but kept hearing about it. My Daddy went to Heaven last July. He’d been living at my sister’s and whenever she asked, I’d go and relieve her, stay with him. She had all the past seasons and the first show of the first season hooked me! When the new season started in 2015, I was so excited, but I found them too hard to watch. Daddy and I had done so many Downton Abbey marathons. The new season made me
so sad in my heart…

Charity – Oh! I am so, very sorry. I can’t even imagine. I would be a TOTAL WRECK!!!

I love the show, Turn. It’s about the Culpepper Spy Ring during the Revolutionary War.

— Tie

Charity 0 / Caryl 1

3. Who is your real life hero?

Caryl – My husband. He’s the most Christ-like man I’ve ever known! He loves me when I am unlovable, leads and guides me, advises me, reins me in when I need reining, knows me better than I know myself, completes me. Second only to God, Ron McAdoo, my love and best friend since we were sixteen—almost fifty years ago—is my everything.

Charity – 😥 That is so sweet ❤

I have to agree that it’s my hubby! I have a lot of health problems and he works hard all day and then comes home and tries to help me feel better by cooking dinner, giving me massages, etc…So selfless. He’s even taken up grocery shopping when I hit a rough patch!! ❤ That’s true love right there!! Wait for it, ladies!


Charity 0 / Caryl 1

4. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Caryl – Writing, singing, shouting His praises, rearing my grandsons, sharing His story, gardening, loving my family, loving my friends, being kind, patient, gentle, longsuffering, faithful, serving those in my life. Praying my story gives God glory is “my tag line” what I want people to remember what I was all about—bringing Him glory!

My ‘tag line’ or ‘Motto’ or mojo–whatever you call it– is “Praying my story gives God glory.” And He is giving me an ever growing platform through my writing. Still, my favorite way I hope brings Him the most glory is in praise and worship.

Charity – Again, beautifully said!!


Charity 0 / Caryl 1

5. Funniest thing your grandkids have done?

Caryl – My #12, Benjamen Cash McAdoo, twelve years old right now, was five when we moved to Red River County. Not in school yet, he went with me to deliver his brother to the first day at their new school. His oldest brother went to Middle School. While his coach and vice-principal showed us Matthew’s classes, we caught Ben standing in the open doorway of on class flirting with a pretty girl inside. With only his pinky finger and thumb standing, he placed his hand next to his ear, smiling and nodding. ‘Call me’ he gestured! That boy has always loved pretty girls. I told him once, “You do know that the reason those beautiful older girls are cheesing up to you to get to your big brother (Matthew was voted Most Handsome his senior year.) Benjamen said, “Whatever you think, Grami.” What am I going to do when he’s a teen? That’s NEXT YEAR! I’ll pray and trust God!

Charity – LOL!! Nice! Kids are so darned cute!!!

— Well, I don’t have grandkids yet…HURRY UP, BOYS!

Charity 0 / Caryl 2

6. Favorite Fred MacMurray movie?

Caryl – Hmmm, guess I’d say “The Absent-Minded Peofessor.” I hadn’t thought of ol’ Fred in a L*O*N*G time! 🙂 The man sure was loveable!

Charity – OMGoodness! I know!! I liked him in The Happiest Millionaire!! His Biddle Bible Class was THE BEST!! Also, Ba-rum Pum Pum!!!

A close second would be Follow Me Boys! Such a great guy!! Loved his acting ❤

— As Spike Jones would sing: “beetle-bum”


Charity 0 / Caryl 2

b3667-i_lost_the_game_button-p145927742900468090t5sj_400 really badly!

Thanks so much for your time, Caryl! balloons I enjoyed getting to know you better!!!

Guess What…???!!!! YEP!! You got it!!! Caryl is generously giving away Reader’s Choice of

You may choose paperback or e-book. Just head on over here to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!!

*Open to anyone, but outside of US must choose e-book

** All entries will be verified and any falsified entries will be disqualified.

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  1. Loved the interview with Caryl and the face-off. I would hate to have to call a winner. I love Caryl’s books and am blessed to have gotten to know her through FB.


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