Remember the MAJOR BOOK GIVEAWAY Contest I mentioned…?


How would you like to win 8-10 of these NEW RELEASE BOOKS??

Books will be chosen from this awesome stack!!

1. Every Bride Needs a Groom — Janice Thompson

2. A Sparrow in Terezin — Kristy Cambron

3. The Inn at Ocean’s Edge – Colleen Coble

4. The Last Words of Jesus — Stu Epperson

5. The Day I Met Jesus — Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth

6. The Heart of the Amish — Suzanne Woods Fisher

7. Buried Secrets — Irene Hannon

8. The Darcy Brothers — Maria Grace

9. God of the Big Bang — Dr. Leslie Wickman

10. Where Trust Lies — Janette Oke

11. Against the Flow — John C. Lennox

12. The Barefoot Queen — Ildefonso Falcones

13. Sand in My Sandwich — Sarah Perry

14. Beyond Orange County — Lydia McLaughlin

15. No Place to Hide — Lynette Eason

16. The Price of Privilege — Jessica Dotta

17. The Creole Princess — Beth White

18. From Good to Grace — Christine Hoover

Wanna know the catch?

Sometime in the next couple of days it will begin!

I will give you your instructions then!!

So, be ready!! Be very ready!!

There will only be ONE winner!!!

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