A Sparrow in Terezin

by Kristy Cambron

In Kristy’s follow up novel to The Butterfly and the Violin, we are once again taken back into the horrific time of WWII. As the story jumps from present day to the 1940’s, she beautifully intertwines the past and present. While, in the present, William fights for his name to be cleared. As we are taken back, Sophie’s back story is also partially revealed.

I have never seen a book that goes back and forth like this. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, or if I would like it. I also have a terrifying phobia of reading anything to do with WWII as my compassionate heart can’t handle it. That being said, the book grabbed my attention right away and I felt engrossed and engaged the entire way through. Kristy had a wonderful balance of sharing the details of this tragic era without sharing too many of the details. The characters were full of life and I fell in love with each one.

Please pick up a copy of this book (don’t forget the first one! You’re gonna want it to keep up!!). Link is in the pic above. Thank you, Litfuse, for this wonderful read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

— Don’t forget to check out my Face-Off with Kristy Cambron and enter to win this great read!!

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