Thankful For

10BtR2UKG6sS9QpOywtJ0me1LHvVuCcXsk02puEwM8suqzSXITWlWXb7qwhp2arxiRJPW8WZ-MPrvrlZcEfWEnn5SdQ67wYWjQ9xJMCstIejNmfNIQSgWaRB6BBI1NMvhe6jxEq8FALKAyjpxL1qL5u1l5xwkeg43zSLVtucxePnsF0XkPvFLwD7z3JySu6hOIRlyxy3Epnu-wmCsSVNzEAZsl3zUHF7PI am so grateful for my followers and all you have done! I started this blog in October and never imagined the kind of success it has had. I’ve enjoyed every step of getting to know you all individually! If I haven’t gotten to know you, please remedy that and head on over to aTransParentMom on Facebook and start up a conversation!!

That being said, it has begin to take me way more time than I have to get all of these posts out. I seriously need help.

I would love to introduce you to a couple of wonderful girls that are helping me out!!!

Rebecca Kaufman is a long time friend. We’ve known each other for 10 years. She’s working on a health and wellness blog which you will find out more about later! Give her a shout out on the aTransParentMom page!!

Becca, you are amazing!!! I couldn’t get this all done without you!

HYOu9zGZxtxKrcH9NWRxq_zwRN6gQCnYWXQOOveWsEkS3nOL92U4g-2ds1IVE-sE4CTzfoND0wqhgbPwJwX71VvmWkxxM24JqJCJom--89UoDQh7Fvcw9ZqsGbu4CNd-sPUFyVa0u-yXvY6L3707pQ5q2lnGC6zj6187dW3dxVSDf3ug6CbG6wkfgOTzzCHwO4Pu3Wd6nf4kNRiIcWkrlTmnS2bhCoayp Sydney James Anderson is my Go-To Girl!! I only recently met Sydney through blogging circles and she has proved to be an invaluable helper and friend!! You are definitely going to want to get to know this amazing girl!

You can check out her blog here. Or, you can see what she’s up to on Facebook! Pop on over to the aTransParentMom page and say, “hey” to her too!!

Sydney, you are totally awesome! Excited to work with you and journey through life with a new friend!!!

God, all glory to You!!!!

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