I would love to introduce you to…

10686674_640546246089083_4089965162243709413_nParents, check this out!!!

I found the most DELIGHTFUL blog the other day. Miss Lindsey Zimpel is a teenage girl that rates books for other teenage girls. She goes through and painfully takes every scene of action, sexual content (she only does Christian books, so this includes kissing, hand holding, touching and any scenes like that), spiritual content, etc… She even rates it based on age level.

So, head on over there and take a look if you are wondering what is in a book!! You will find an extensive list of hundreds of books she has rated. Awesome!!!

Link to the giveaway she’s doing is in the pic on the left.

Link to her blog is HERE or pic below.

I am so impressed by this young lady!!! Show her some serious love! ❤


6 responses to “I would love to introduce you to…”

  1. I’ve been following her blog. She does a great job of vetting christian books for girls. I find that invaluable since I have preteen girls and I can’t get through my TBR list let alone review books for them before they read them.

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  2. Hi Lindsey! I met this delightful young lady a while back 🙂 Great you found her, too, Charity!! Hugs to you both! and Blessings, too!


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