Face-Off with Sarah E. Ladd

What a week! Can you believe we are rounding out this week’s face-offs with this incredible talent?! I am sure that most of you have heard of Sarah Ladd. She took the market by storm a couple of years ago with her Whispers On The Moors series!!


Aren’t these the most gorgeous covers? Man! I knew I would love these books the minute I saw them because I am a total cover lover!

It also helps that they are Regency books and I am in love with all things Austen. So, she had two things going for her right out of the gate!!

Truth is, she’s a wonderful writer and you really should pick up her books if you don’t already have them. (Links in the pics)


R9WXa5z50cFwJR_ZfWuzBY5NSoBShWAcWF0l6dbdfmB5_ccm1qXjiHeGPxhAISOdmzxGAAKJZ6lxH5gjKNCuUwUC1piCyi5K7RXwIevHzryCITjGvnj7VhRGffIggLDe9zZEodcTr_nTd1yOC1CnV_Qt9KXwQ4pi50L7_2IOW4pNMELpw4uZDJMrF5vg_TrNf6mRRJhdVEbKlBs7Sgjf1KIVqDleQ_MVQThe rules are simple. I ask Sarah some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What the most beautiful beach you have been to?

Sarah – Ahh … I love the beach.  My husband and I went to Mexico a few years after we were married.  While we were there, we took a boat trip to a little island off the coast.  I cannot for the life of me remember what the island was called, but it was insanely beautiful and isolated.  Hands down – best beach ever.

Charity – Sounds fabulous! I guess…hmm. Dominican Republic had the most crystal clear water. Beautiful!! I was there on a mission trip, but we had to take our day of fun, you know…

— Difference? You went with the hubster. Made the beach 100x’s better, I’m sure!

Charity 0 / Sarah 1

2. Do you keep your toenails current, or do they only look great in the flip-flop months?

Sarah – Toenails MUST be current.  And that is an unwavering, deeply held belief. I do not think I can be swayed on this one…

Charity – oh my. In theory, I would agree with you. I reality…. I’m lucky my toenails are one solid color right now.

— whoopsies. Shouldn’t have asked that one!

Charity 0 / Sarah 2

3. What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever done?

Sarah – I have to say that I have the most incredible readers – so supportive and encouraging. They are never crazy.   So while I can’t really think of a crazy thing a fan has done to me, I can tell you my crazy fan moment.  When I attended my first real writing conference, I ran into the amazing talented Laura Frantz in the bookstore.  I had just finished reading The Frontiersman’s Daughter, which is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. I ran up her an interrupted what she was doing because I could not believe that she and I were in the same room. Plus I had a lot of coffee that day, so I was probably REALLY peppy.  If she thought I was crazy, she didn’t let on.  She was incredibly gracious.  She signed my copy of Courting Morrow Little, and it still has a place of honor on my bookshelf.

Charity – *fainting dead away* Why does everyone have an amazing love for that woman? I’ll tell you why… BECAUSE SHE IS INCREDIBLE! I feel like I could sit at her feet and just soak in Jesus.

Oh, and Courting Morrow Little is my favorite book, so that’s incredible.

— I had no chance. Wait, I don’t have fans anyway. blah.

But….Looky Looky what I found!!!



Charity 0 / Sarah 3

4. Do you incorporate chef’s rights while you are cooking (ie: testing it and snacking on it before it’s served) or not?

Sarah – Well, let’s be honest here. I am not the chef in my family.  My husband is a MUCH better cook than I am. Sure, I can make the basics, but my hubby is the real talent.  So, I do incorporate chef’s rights while HE is cooking. Not so much if I am the one doing the cooking.

Charity – Hmm. Well, I definitely partake, much to my husband’s dismay. He’s used to it, but he’s a total germaphobe and has a heart attack when me, or my son, dip on in.

My son is the real chef around here. That is NO JOKE. This is us shopping at a midnight Farm Fresh sale a year ago! whoop!!

b9EN8llSOB2HQ0X4cmr3weIXnt7GCrj0l5C6f8zxPNG78RS0Sz6R8iZ3SHgy4Knd1OMPfwF5HiwZjWhAwJLDgxiN484lEuFIjqXVQJGXWWZGRRcSYkSCSkHx6bt4Xyk1hCT9aFgMtQeSZ_GHqOtMdz3HPNB-ILb_EkBnns1yLZTrvZM8f2aC_-bUK1MYw-xeocxI5S8vS9r7kSPClIBjV9ffh22XHaznJThat was before he became a giant 6’3” neanderthal.

— Taking it because my son is sooo cute!! I could kiss his little face! (He would DIE DIE DIE if he knew I wrote that! ha!!)

Charity 1 / Sarah 3

5. What’s the worst hair cut story you have?

Sarah – Remember the early ‘90s? Someone pass the hairspray. That’s all I have to say about that.

Charity – OMGosh. Ok. When I was 22, my good friend came to visit me. We had met online (he lived in Israel) and we talked hours every day. Anyway, I went to get my hair cut before he showed up and the lady said, “whoops” right in the middle of it. I was like????? She said, it’s ok, we just have to go shorter?!?!?!?! So, she proceeded to give me a bowl cut. Right then and there. Bowl cut. The more I told her to fix it, the shorter it got. I ended up with a hair cut that literally made me look like the most butch woman EVER!!! It was horrifying. I mean, seriously bad. You don’t think a haircut can change a person’s look THAT MUCH, but it literally was THAT drastic. My sister yelped when she saw it.

When he got here, he was so confused. He was like, “You aren’t Charity???!!!!!” So awkward and horrible. I wish I had a pic! I would totally show you!!!!!! Oh, did I mention that I was fat because I had just had a baby?

Fat, bowl cut lady/man.

— Yup. I get that one.

Charity 2 / Sarah 3

6. Grossest animal?

Sarah – Okay, it is not an animal, but an insect. Does that count? Grossest insect: A centipede.  Eww.  I mean, why does it need so many legs???

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 10.48.47 PM


Charity – ew. A snake. Or a spider. Or a cricket. I think they go in that order.

— *shudder* tie tie tie

Charity 2 / Sarah 3

7. Favorite place to shop: clothes? groceries? beauty products? and shoes?

Sarah – I used to LOVE to shop.  In my teenage and college years I always had a job at a clothing store. Loved it.  But now, there are so many other ways I would rather spend my time, so I do a lot of online shopping. Click, click, done!

Charity – OMGosh. 1-ish word: Amazon.com

But I love Target and Ikea. My readers know about that little truth…

— tie

Charity 2 / Sarah 3

8. Do you have any hobbies (writing doesn’t count because it’s no longer a hobby!!!)

Sarah – I do have hobbies – several, in fact. I really like to be active – I like to run, go biking, and practice yoga. During the spring and summer I like to be outside and garden.

Charity – Uh. That’s why you are skinny and pretty. *kicks you in the shins*

I’m going to go eat some chips and think about that while I watch the ol’ television.

— Not nice. You get the point.

Charity 2 / Sarah 4

9. Do you ever eat wings at a restaurant and not care about how much food is all over your face and hands? Or, do you prefer to eat those in the privacy of your home? 

Sarah – Okay, I am a bit of a neat freak. I always get the boneless kind and eat them with a fork.  I can’t help it. I just … can’t.

Charity – Bahhhhh. Again, all cute and pretty. I just dig on in!

When I was growing up, I always had a motto when I ate: “The Messier The Better!”

— Bad! Wings are good for you!!!


Charity 3 / Sarah 4

Lost Not sure why there is a minecraft axe blade in that pic.

Thanks Sarah! That was a blast 🙂 It’s always so fun to get to know an author of a book I loved!!Balloons-for-Birthday-Party

Don’t forget to check out Sarah’s newest book on July 7th!

Gueeesssss What, Guys???? Yup!!! A GIVEAWAY!! Sarah has offered to give away 1 signed copy of A Lady at Willowgrove Hall!! So cool!! All you have to do is head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and enter, enter, enter!!!

*U.S. Rez only (Sorry! We do love the rest of you too!)

** Mandatory entries are checked. Any falsified will be disqualified.


9 thoughts on “Face-Off with Sarah E. Ladd

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  1. Have to respond to haircut question. When I was in college I had long red hair that I wore in a pony tail. For homecoming our dorm made a display for the front yard. The opposing team was The Big Red. I had my hair cut off to be used as Big Red’s hair. Wish I had a picture.


  2. Hi Charity – I’ve heard of Sarah, but haven’t read anything by her. What book would you recommend I read first?


  3. Hey Charity! I love your Face-Offs. I’ve not read any of Sarah books. Thank you for the chance to do so soon! 😉


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