The Win Her Favor

by Tamera Alexander

In Tamera’s second Belle Meade Plantation novel, we are back to the races! In order to save the farm, an arranged marriage is in order. The question is, can these two find love? Set among the recovering South, after the Civil War, there is MUCH history here!! Racism is at an all time high and the people of the South are not happy when an Irishman decides to take up residence.

I know there has been talk about some of the scenes in this book. While I was surprised by the somewhat graphic nature of a few of the words chosen, I also know that it was how people talked during this time. It certainly wouldn’t be very historically accurate if one changed the vocabulary of the time. I also believe that the words were used within reason, to show the hatred of the times.

As far as the bedroom scenes go, again, while I was surprised to see them in a Christian book, I didn’t feel that they were graphic in any way. I would certainly say that you shouldn’t buy this book if you would be offended at the mention of unbuttoning of clothes and skin touching between married people. I would also caution that you, as a parent, should know what is in the book. I feel that there is an honest look at what is in the book with Lindsey’s review here. Again, it wasn’t a problem for me, but I didn’t find it graphic while some of you may.

Overall, I thought it excellent writing. I fell in love with the characters and my interest held throughout. I feel comfortable giving it 5 stars because I think that Tamera is an excellent writer, it dealt with some really dark subject matters, the history was wonderful, and the characters were 100% lovable.

Thank you, Litfuse and Netgalley, for a copy of this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!

If you would like to see my fun Face-Off with Tamera Alexander, just head on over here! She’s giving away a copy of this awesome book!!!

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