Called to be Amish – My journey from Head Majorette to the Old Order

by Marlene C. Miller

Marlene grew up in an “English”, non-religious family, suffered abuse as a child, was the head majorette at her school and fell in love with a sweet Amish boy. This is her journey from “English” to Amish and what a story it is!! While the Amish hardly ever speak out, Marlene gives us this chance to take a look into the world the live in.

So many Amish fiction titles are available, but it is left to the author to write what they think life is like in the old order. While that is fun, one never really knows what happens behind closed doors. Marlene fell in love with Jesus after marrying her Amish sweetheart. She knew that she was being called to join his church and faith, so she jumped in. Fifty years later, this is her story.

While it was insightful and engaging, I felt like parts of it started to drag on a bit. I definitely enjoyed reading it and recommend it to anyone that is curious about the Amish lifestyle. She doesn’t talk a lot about the faith, but about her struggles adjusting to the change.

Thanks, Litfuse, for this read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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