Face-Off with Karen Dabaghian

Karen is a mom of two, wife of ONE (haha) and lover of Jesus. She set out to study the book of Psalms and ended up writing about it along the way!! Check out her newly released book, A Travelogue of the Interior.

Also, take a look at her blog and see what interesting things she’s been up to!! Poetry, music, musings and more!!

Let’s play, shall we?

veV0YUhX_B2cwS0vlgwKil_MWbUTe0qCuplctYkIm23Ml3qEZ7MBtQxzcM3M-BdUU4Sdf0I59kEPaM4rYiYSIC_4BJwQkPstRsaDHEYbp2fmKYfz4BN4l1zhSdJ8_r6554Ia7v75EvQmoO1pHrvUds5rkyJYns95SL5RHQ7_GbbL4H5jz6D4Zsmi2C5fFY7sER4q9XeiA3w-GukwmLZ14C2zQpEQ--jhNThe rules are simple. I ask Karen some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What is the worst condiment in the world?

Karen – Easy. Marmite.  Dear God, why?  Why would someone create something like that.  Even the Brits don’t know what to do with it and they invented it. There is literally nothing that can’t be ruined by adding Marmite.

Charity – That pic is for anyone (including myself) that hasn’t heard of Marmite. I am still confused, but I can see your point. Looks absolutely terrifying.

— Karen can have that one! I can’t top it…

Charity 0 / Karen 1

2. What is the strangest “club” your parents put you in when you were growing up?

Karen – Maybe not strange, but I was a Brownie (that’s like an entry-level Girl Scout) for one week. I hated everything about being a Brownie. I wanted to play sports instead, and fortunately mom and dad approved. They weren’t joiners either, so my suspicion is that they were secretly relieved.

Charity – Oh my word. I was also a Brownie and HATED it. The kicker was that we didn’t have a bathroom in the building where we met. So, there was a trash can with a garbage bag in it. Everytime we had to pee, it was in the trash bag on top of someone else’s pee. SO. NASTY.

— I am taking it.

Charity 1 / Karen 1

3. Have you ever gone apple picking?

Karen – No. I have clearly lived a deprived life.

Charity – I was nervous about this question because I thought I was the only American that hadn’t gone apple picking. Good thing I asked you… And, NO…I don’t get nervous about losing a face-off… *biting nails*

— Tie

Charity 1 / Karen 1

4. Who do you think was the most handsome OT person? hahaha

Karen – Well, I’ve had a secret crush on Jonathan for a number of years now. He had to have been very good looking  — the Crown Prince of Israel, a masterful swordsman, Saul’s son (and we know Saul looked kingly), and then the way David eulogizes him in 2 Samuel 1 (“Your beauty O Israel lie slain in high places!). But you know how even a really good-looking person can be unattractive if their soul is black — well we know Jonathan must have been a man of profound faith and deep character too to give up his right to the crown to honor God’s anointing of David.

So, let’s see: princely, muscular, smart, brave, full of faith, willing to die for a friend. Swoon! I even wrote a poem about Yehonatan … wanna read it?

Charity – Um. YES!

Karen –

Prince of Israel, a man among men.

Beautiful Yehonatan,
lean and taut beneath the weight of spear and shield
browned by the heat of ten thousand suns
strong hands hold both sword and her.

Fierce Yehonatan,
dark eyes feast upon Bozez and Seneh
eager to test your mettle and
see what God has in mind.

Yehonatan, natan

Enthroned on Gilboa, a man among men
who gives and does not take
the poet of true love.

Are there other sons like you, Yehonatan?
Where has your kind gone?
No longer in the king’s shadow,
you captivate me.

kd 2.10.1

Charity – 😮

ooh la la!! You go, girl! I never thought of Jonathan like that! ha!!! I always thought Joseph was probably a fine fellow…

— Poem and all!!

Charity 1 / Karen 2

5. Have you ever gotten lost (like, a legit, freaking out kind of lost?)?

Karen – Yeah, so the only time I ever got really and truly lost was in Zurich; I was 23 years old.  I arrived in town early in the morning and decided around 10a to go for a run.  I figured I’d just do a big square (you know, keep turning right!) and I’d find my way back to the hotel no problem. Needless to say I must have taken a wrong turn.  My 30 minute run took about 90 minutes and I ran the entire time, panicking, because — here’s where it gets really good — I didn’t know the name of my hotel!  A car had picked me up from the airport and my transportation had been arranged so I had not paid attention To The Name Of The Hotel!  So I couldn’t even stop someone to ask for directions!  And this was before mobile phones.  I cannot even begin to describe the relief I felt when I stumbled into the lobby of my hotel finally!

Charity – Oh man!! Wow. that IS scary! I haven’t gotten lost…That I can remember!

— Obviously…

Charity 1 / Karen 3

6. Who is the funniest person in movies?

Karen – For me that will always be Robin Williams. There was a sense, watching him, that he was enjoying his jokes and antics even more than the other actors or his audience were. We lost a bright light when he passed away.

Charity – Aw. So sad!! What a sad story. boooo!!!!!!

Hmmm. I am trying to think. I really like Huge Laurie in Sense and Sensibility. That humor is so funny to me! Overall/love everything an actor has done…Can’t think of one person like that. I would say Paul Rudd, because I LOVE his sense of humor. However, I don’t really approve of all the movies he’s in, so… There’s that.

— I think that you got that one too! Not cool!!

Charity 1 / Karen 4

7. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Karen – Great question!  I would say, by being honest about who I am. By not pretending to be someone I’m not. There is a deep mystery here, that somehow our flawed, human selves bring great Glory to God.  Not our perfection, not our effort, not our maturity, not the best parts about ourselves but the fullness of who we are in the present moment.  We as redeemed and imperfect human beings, in relationship with Jesus and with the Church, somehow manifest the great weight of God — God’s goodness and faithfulness, God’s chesed.

Charity – Yes. Yes to all of that.

— God wins!

Charity 1 / Karen 4

8. Can you walk an entire balance beam with no problem at all?

Karen – Yes, I have got balance for days! I think it must be the fact that my legs are shaped a lot like tree trunks.

Charity – Uh. I fall.

— Karen.

Charity 1 / Karen  5

9. When’s the last time you jumped into a pile of leaves?

Karen – Dude, the “let’s jump into a pile of leaves” thing is SO overrated. Well, maybe I feel that way because I did it about 10 years ago when my kids were little to show them how much fun it is (thinking to myself:  “this will be just like the movies!”).  Until you splat hard on the ground and realize you have to have a HUGE pile of leaves to break the fall of a fully-grown adult woman weighing in at 125 pounds.  Needless to say, we did not have a really big pile of leaves. Ouch.

Charity – hahahaha!! At least you tried… And there is NO WAY that a 125 pound woman has tree trunk shaped legs.

I am way too chicken to jump into the bug infested, hard landing leaves.

— I am getting THRASHED!

Charity 1 / Karen 6

10. Could you ever live in a submarine for 6 months?

Karen – Depends entirely on who’s on it. And no, I am not going to answer the question, “Who would you want to be stranded in a submarine for 6 months with?” because that would get me in loads of trouble.  Like, loads!

Charity – AH! HAHA! Jonathan? Wolverine?

No, I couldn’t do it. I would die.

— tie


Charity 1 / Karen 6

 That was me today. I got squished.

UH OH!! Karen has some questions for me….

Karen –  What is your superpower?

Charity – HAHAHA! 😮

I suppose it is the fact that I can tell when people are hurting. I am drawn to the person in the room that needs something.

Karen – The world is divided into two groups: those who wear proper pajamas and those who don’t. Which group are you in?

Charity – 😮 My, my!! Well, I don’t rightly know. Does a cami count?

Karen –  What’s the last TV series you binge-watched?

Charity – Gilmore Girls!

Karen – How do you feel about kale?

Charity – *barf*

Karen –  When was the last time you cried reading a book?

Charity – Oh man. hmm.. I am not sure! I read about a book every 1-2 days…so, it gets a little hazy. I cry like a baby when I watch movies though!!!

Karen –  Which biblical character do you identify with the most?

Charity – Probably David. I just love God with every ounce of my being, but I do screw up and have to keep running back to Him. I would say Peter too. He was always putting his foot in his mouth, but he really was passionate about God.

Karen –  What about the life of faith is the most challenging for you right now?

Charity – Great question. I need to think about this one. I don’t know! Man.

I am insanely in love with Jesus. I honestly want to serve Him in every capacity. I have grown so much and have learned to just cling to Him. Challenging? I suppose that life is challenging when you seek to live like that. I have prayed dumb prayers before.

ie: “God! You called Job your friend! I want to be Your friend!!!!” I obviously forgot about what the book of Job looked like… All poop hits the fan after those kinds of prayers. I am a slow learner.

Thank you, Karen! This was so fun!!! Balloons-for-Birthday-Party

Guess what….. YEP! YOU GUESSED IT!!

Karen is giving away 2 COPIES of her new book!! Head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!!

*U.S. Rez only (we do love the rest of you too!)

*Remember, entries are checked and any falsified will be disqualified.

Good Luck!!

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