Dare To Answer – 8 Questions That Awaken your Faith

by John Busacker

In his latest book, John tackles some of the questions that Jesus asked while He was here on earth. Jesus was often responding to questions with a question of His own. He liked to make us actually think for ourselves…When John the Baptist’s disciples pointed Him out, Jesus replied saying, “What do you want?”. Ha!! I love that!

The layout of this book is great. John points out a question that might be easily missed in the vast text. For example, I had never noticed Jesus’ reply to those disciples. He then challenges us to really think about how to answer that. There are quotes from many good scholars like Oswald Chambers, Brennan Manning and St. John of the Cross. Overall, great book with eye opening statistics and stories. At the end of each chapter, there is a Reflect and Respond section to dig deeper.

Pick up a copy for yourself and a friend! Link is in the pic above. And, remember, you can “look inside” of a book on Amazon and see if it’s something you are interested in.

Thanks, Worthy, for this great book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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