Who wants some Dauntless Swag?? Signed book?

vH9UmQljg87agyqBzZVboB7nK_jUIgaivZ62HtD0dytXpHkbpjSPNgMc3WQ0oR4brENNkDErIaYWctIRY6Gln0le8qfQgenxySaUwZfpTDviEa9qBrh8zjAA0btg5s8yX1VQwdM4jNfx7jA2gqr5qGACgRswWaqtXZQiQTGj72szLds1uICdIelsDY_x4ZKbIFT_RVjA9C4tuXjETwXeG66ujs-15NYuZWho is dying for some awesome Dauntless Swag?? The first person to pre-order Chivalrous (link in pic below) will get a signed copy of Dauntless!!! O7_X-NZjfivSFI1AyqY2lOngU7_26JohqqlvGkDF4Qjdlsm_eFpmeyaktLbo8Jeu2UX3fveqlzw8Q8FMj68hw9JRBsdwdd6NkIPp4EhNSK7W7qJ3InR9Dhon_2ZVFqsm0YEwsENDu4OBocpo4J-4OR7_U42nNMy7gji_pLpc6O3BqVyiHK9sIUxcio8PN10JrsluTb0bKtshQL2CY0SYLAnWHNEt0cDqS

Order ANY of Dina’s books and get a signed bookmark or a cute, little button. Just comment on this post letting me know you have used the links in this post and purchased a book.

If you are looking for something more contemporary, why not pick up one of Dina’s other books! I have signed bookmarks for you too!!GHQ1pvPUWLI27SN_8tnuHHbuftW5wbI2kh-Pg0CotNNBjZSDy5gV4jlNLVdkygskqrhGqNUdTQhMRDM2xWRFQZnW2L3F_QO2npD8sPMn50mfuytYPvWMwmEnFjr2rR05NrP6TUWfDKDCVXXfhJ8ciCR51ul5irAD77-7HboDBIydSk4F65ZJdl4Bz7engnTNgXD3Ce51VQ3Z5Y2BbIXYdHFfIHSwb1-of

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